Potato stamp: make a special stamp on Easter

Print with potato stamp. There is a super fun way to do, with the kids, a Easter gift super charming. I had already rehearsed the technique when Carol was younger. But this time, Gabi and Carol were encouraged to make charming dish cloths to give as gifts to teachers and grandmothers.

How to make potato stamp print

The potato is one of the vegetables that you can turn into a stamp. You can use others, like chayote, carrots, peppers. I chose the potato for today’s activity because of its oval shape, similar to that of an Easter egg.

To make this print, you will need:

. one or two potatoes (choose those with an oval shape)
. knife, cookie forms and other objects that can be used to cut the potato
. fabric paint
. brush
. dishcloth or other fabric that you want to print
. material to protect the painting area
. cardboard to put under the fabric when stamping

The first step is to wash the potato and cut it in half. Leave on a paper towel to remove excess water.

Then, take a sharp object and make drawings on the potato, creating the pattern of the print. In our case, we use a straw to make holes in the potato.

And we also made another version with a knife to create a striped pattern. Our stamps look like this:

Time to paint with fabric paint. Let the children choose the color they want to use!

Gabi decided to make a multicolor mixture.

After painting the potato, just press the painted part against the fabric, using the cardboard underneath to avoid staining. That was Gabi’s version.

And this is Carol’s.

And look how the cloths looked after they were ready:

Other ideas for Easter

It looks cute, right? Well, that was our suggestion for today’s activity. We have a lot of other ideas for Easter. One that I really like is to turn toilet paper rolls into rabbits.

And if you want more ideas for a special Easter for kids, without too much work, try using our collection of clues. They will make egg hunting more fun.

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