What to Give on Mother’s Day? 15 Different Ideas!

The second Sunday in May is approaching and you don’t know what to give as a gift on Mother’s Day? This is a very common question and many children have difficulties in finding the right gift to surprise and please the mother.

The main tip is to always keep an eye on her style and preferences, in addition to paying attention if the mother comments that she is in need or wanting something.

There are many suggestions, such as creative Mother’s Day gifts, homemade Mother’s Day gifts, gifts for mom cheap, among others. Below we have made a selection with 15 inspirations that will help you find the right gift. Check out!

Oh and be sure to see until the end of the post, because there is a video with 3 super easy and cheap gift tips for Mother’s Day, your mom will love it!

1- Massage cushion

Massage cushion for mom

Massage cushion for mom | Store

Want to escape the traditional tips and invest in a creative gift for Mother’s Day?

THE pillow massager is a desire item for many women and you can help your mother to relax.

This model has two rotating massage points and emits infrared light that enhances the power of relaxation, in addition to 3 levels of speed.

2- Special breakfast

Breakfast for Mother's Day

Breakfast for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Don’t know what to give to a mother with little money? Invest in remarkable experiences instead of things.

A very nice suggestion is to prepare a delicious breakfast, with a special decoration.

Invest in delicacies that your mother likes (and that are simple to make and assemble), for example: fruits, breads, cakes, coffee, milk, fruit juice, jams etc.

3- Personalized mug

Personalized mug for Mother's Day

Personalized mug for Mother’s Day | Store

Choosing a cheap Mother’s Day gift does not mean giving something dull or useless.

At personalized mugs, for example, are great ideas for items with lower cost, but that are quite successful.

Choose versions that are related to your mother’s personality, like this model of the image with the usual “concerns” of most mothers.

4- Picture frame

Gift picture frame for your mother

Gift picture frame for your mother | Store

O picture frame it’s a cheap gift idea, but one that can be personalized.

For this, choose more fun models or phrases.

And choose the best pictures of you together to honor your mother.

5- Day at the SPA

Day at the SPA for your mother

Day at the SPA for your mother | Photograph

Don’t know what to give as a gift on Mother’s Day because you want to surprise?

Invest in experiences – that will create unforgettable memories in your mother.

For example, giving her a day at the SPA (and, if you can, accompany the mother on this journey of relaxation and beauty!).

6- Blanket with sleeve

Blanket with sleeve to warm your mother

Blanket with sleeve to warm your mother | Store

Does your mother make the homemade type and, precisely because of that, is it difficult to give her?

Think of items that will make you feel even more comfortable while doing your favorite shows, like watching TV or reading a book.

The blanket with sleeves is a great ally in these moments, making cold days more comfortable and leaving your hands free for various activities.

7- Women’s Bible

Bible for woman on Mother's Day

Bible for women on Mother’s Day | Store

For religious mothers, how about giving a Bible?

This is a different model and one that can please your mother.

The Women’s Bible offers, in addition to the texts of the holy scriptures, 366 devotionals with valuable lessons and advice.

8- Rotary brush

Rotating brush for your mother to be more beautiful

Rotating brush for your mother to be more beautiful | Store

For vain mothers who love hair care, the tip is to invest in beauty accessories.

A good idea is the rotating brush, a more practical and different version of the traditional flat iron.

This version of the image quickly shapes the hair with two options for speed and clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. It dries, shapes, smoothes and adds shine and volume to the hair.

9- Surprise party

Surprise party for Mother's Day

Surprise party for Mother’s Day | Photograph

Do not know what to do for your mom on Mother’s Day?

A creative suggestion is to organize a surprise party.

Fancy decor and invite friends and family. Certainly she will remember this moment fondly.

10- Gourmet sweets

Gourmet sweets for Mother's Day

Gourmet sweets for Mother’s Day | Photograph

On that date, in addition to our own mother, we also need to think about what to give as a gift to our mother-in-law on Mother’s Day and other close people.

One way to honor these other women in your life is with souvenirs and small treats.

For example, with a delicious box of sweets or gourmet brigadeiros.

11- Kit of bags

Gift bag kit for Mother's Day

Kit of gift bags for Mother’s Day | Store

Accessories are a hit with women of all ages and styles.

In order not to err in the Mother’s Day gift, how about investing in scholarships?

This kit is super complete and has a handbag with strap, backpack, wallet and scarf!

12- Pajamas

Pajamas for Mother's Day

Pajamas for Mother’s Day | Store

Many people look for a gift suggestion for an elderly mother.

In that case, think of items that are comfortable, but still stylish.

Pajamas are a classic and you can opt for versions with warmer and more comfortable fabrics.

13- Arrangement of flowers

Flower arrangement for your mother

Flower arrangement for your mother | Photograph

Looking for something more classic to give as a gift on Mother’s Day?

The flower arrangements they are always successful and win women of all ages.

Combine the flowers with a beautiful card, showing all your love and affection.

14- Coffee maker

Cafeteria for mom who loves coffee

Cafeteria for mom who loves coffee | Store

Is your mother in love with coffee? Use this passion when giving gifts.

Coffee makers have evolved a lot and there are some cool models to surprise the big mom.

Like the one in the picture that comes with the coffee maker and another kit with 50 Nespresso coffee capsules.

15- DIY

Diy for Mother's Day

Diy for Mother’s Day | Photograph

If you have any handicraft skills, how about “getting your hands dirty” and produce your own Mother’s Day gift?

It can be an embroidered comic, a crochet garment or piece, felt items, handmade soaps or any other type of crafts you produce.

See 3 gift ideas to give on Mother’s Day!

Haven’t found the ideal gift yet or is the money short? Then watch the video and see how to assemble 3 super easy and inexpensive gifts that your mom will love.

Now it’s easier to find out what to give on Mother’s Day?

See our special Mother’s Day section and find other lists with cool tips like this!

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