What to give as a present for a new boyfriend?

Love is in the air! As the song said, so enjoy these moments with those you like to get to know each other.

Recent boyfriend? Out of gift ideas for him? We have prepared a list of 25 ideas for gifting a recent boyfriend, which will help you choose the ideal gift for your Valentine’s Day celebration or his birthday. The important thing is to be happy in the relationship and know that they will have great adventures together.

Cushion kit

What a nice gift to win! A pillow with affectionate words and a mug, so he can think of you at all times.

Picture frame

How about a picture frame to leave the photos with moments of you together? A perfect gift idea for a recent boyfriend.


A perfume is always a great idea to give your boyfriend! Choose a fragrance that matches his style and get the gift right.

double bracelet

A set with 2 bracelets, one for each one, is a romantic gift option for your boyfriend.


Not to lose the keys anymore and still think about you! This is the ideal gift!


One of the most used items, the t-shirt is a great gift idea. Does he like a character t-shirt or a basic one? Discover your taste and make the right choice.

video game

If your boyfriend is a fan of video game, a good option is to give a game. Find out what kind of game he likes the most and that’s it!

Whiskey Johnnie Walker 12 years old

Giving a drink is a nice option too, does he like whiskey, wine, beer or vodka? Discover and choose right!

Chocolate basket

How about a chocolate basket as a gift? Perfect idea for those who love chocolate and want to be romantic!


A nice gift tip for the boyfriend is a notebook. For all work or study notes.


Socks with fun prints or themed are in fashion, choose the one that best matches your boyfriend’s style and get the gift right.

Cushion door – popcorn

Super useful gift with a touch of romanticism in the message! For you to share many moments together, watching your favorite series, movies and games.

Bottle holder

Is your boyfriend a football fan? Then he’s going to love a stylized bottle holder.

jacket/ coat

Most men love a jacket! Perfect gift for your boyfriend to look even more stylish.


A gift idea that will always be sure is to give a watch. Choose the model that best matches your boyfriend’s style and you’re done!


Sunglasses are an accessory that everyone wants and needs to have. Protects from the sun’s rays and still leaves it with a charm. Perfect gift!


Man also likes new sneakers, one of the most used items, your boyfriend deserves a new model!

Gift kit

A nice gift idea for your boyfriend is a kit, which can contain deodorant and perfume, or moisturizing cream, as you prefer. This contains deodorant and perfume and even comes with a toilet bag.


A statement on a gift is a great gifting option for your boyfriend!


To give a different touch to the house, the themed bookend is a really cool piece. Which one does your boyfriend like the most? Music, cinema, superheroes? Choose what he likes the most and get it right


Everyone uses a wallet and being a very used item, getting a new one always goes well! Your boyfriend will love it!

Bath towel

How about a bath towel with the print of your favorite team as a gift for your boyfriend? I bet he will love it.

Bluetooth headset

Gift that your boyfriend will use a lot, whether for work, listening to music or playing. The Bluetooth headset is a popular gift item.

Gift box

Does your boyfriend wear a beard? A beard and body care kit is a gift he will use and enjoy for sure!


An accessory widely used and loved by most men, the cap gives a certain charm to whoever wears it. Does your boyfriend wear a cap? He’s gonna love getting one!

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