25 simple gift ideas for boyfriend

Valentine’s Day, dating anniversary, boyfriend’s birthday and many other dates are special reasons to give your love a simple, fun gift that represents the couple’s history well. The important thing is to always keep the couple’s love and harmony, the gift will complement that!

To make it easier, we have prepared a list of 25 simple gift ideas to help you choose the ideal item. Search this list and find the gift that will make your boyfriend happiest and most importantly, feeling the affection and love you have for him.


Beautiful ring made of high quality titanium steel material, does not rust and does not deform. Comfortable and durable to use. A gift that will make your boyfriend look stylish.

beard kit

For the boyfriend who is part of the bearded team, a kit with shaving gel, aftershave balm and shaving oil is a gift that will be used a lot.


Delicious Swiss chocolate bar that will please the boyfriend who loves chocolate.


A different and simple item that your boyfriend who likes superheroes will love. And you won’t lose your keys anymore!


Slippers everyone wears, even more a stylish one like this one from Coca-Cola. Your boyfriend won’t take it off anymore!


It’s not true that men don’t like clothes, they do! Give him a beautiful t-shirt, choose the print that best suits his style and be sure to get the gift right.

Pulp book

The best-selling book at the moment, Pulp is part thriller, part meditation on a life of violence, unlike anything the award-winning duo has ever done. A celebration of popular fiction, set in a world on the edge of a precipice.

Kit with corkscrew holder and cap holder frame

To decorate the kitchen, gourmet space, or pantry in the house. A fun gift that will even leave the environment with more personality.


Star Wars themed key chain for franchise-loving boyfriends. It will organize the keys and make it easy so you don’t get lost around the house.

beer kit

The beer kit is a simple gift idea that will please the boyfriend who loves a beer. This kit comes with 4 beers and 2 glasses.


The wallet is one of the most used items by almost everyone. Getting a new one will always be a great gift option.


To carry work material, notebook, college material, whatever, the backpack is a functional and super used gift. Choose your boyfriend’s gift right!

Light fixture

How about giving a table lamp as a gift? This model, in the shape of a 3D full moon, is 15 cm long and you can turn it on with a touch.

Bohemian Rhapsody CD – The Original Soundtrack

For the music-loving boyfriend and Queen, on this cd, tracks from Queen’s legendary performance on Live Aid are celebrating the band, their music and their extraordinary vocalist Freddie Mercury. Recorded at the historic Wembley concert in July 1985 , these Live Aid songs are among the rare gems and unreleased versions of the band’s rich catalogue.

Notebook support

For lovers who use the notebook a lot, a support with cooler (cooling) It will be a gift that in addition to providing a better posture for the notebook user, will also cool the device at the same time. Super gift!

Portable charger

For your boyfriend not to run out of battery anymore, an external charger is the perfect gift. This model also has 2 outputs, allowing the charging of 2 devices at the same time.


What a most beautiful and fun declaration of love in this mug for your boyfriend, he will love it!

SmartWatch Smart Watch

A super used item nowadays, the smartwatch is an excellent option to give your boyfriend. With the functions of heart rate monitor, time, blood oxygen monitor, multi-sport tracker, phone, messages, date and time, camera, reminders and alarm. This model is compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 or above.

Elastic Wrist Belt – Crossfit Training

A gift thinking about the protection of your boyfriend who does crossfit. The special elastic wristband will be a simple idea and will show your affection and care for him.

Soccer ball

For football lovers, a football is the perfect gift, even more so if it’s your favorite team. Choose the team your boyfriend likes and get the present right.

Ergonomic Foot Support

Another item that will take care of your boyfriend’s posture and health, the footrest is a gift that will be used a lot, if your boyfriend spends hours in front of his notebook or at a desk.


Comfort and style even at bedtime, with new pajamas! Gift that will please him and you!

fun socks

Fun socks are a good simple gift option that your boyfriend is sure to wear. Choose the print that best suits him and get the gift right.

pen drive

For storing material for study, work, music or photos, the pen drive is perfect! This model in video game controller format, your gamer boyfriend will love! With 32GB capacity.

Cushion and mug kit

All love in a pillow and mug statement, for your boyfriend to use often and always think of you.

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