10 Gift Ideas for Pregnant Parents

And then, your friend tells you he’s going to be a father! What happiness! There are 9 months of preparation and anxiety for the arrival of a new family member.

There are many details. Parents will worry about good doctors for prenatal care, exams, better hospitals, clothes for the trousseau, room renovation.

There are many options for gifts, but some are more ideal to give a little help. Let’s give you ideas to make the choice easier:

Diaper kit P

Babies wear diapers until they are approximately two years old. Newborns wear an average of eight diapers a day. Have you calculated how much investment is needed? How about helping out and buying a 224 diaper kit, just to get started?

Baby wipes kit

Another item that will be used a lot are baby wipes. Winning a gift stock is very welcome.

Book “New father – Paths, challenges and possibilities”

A book about the importance of the father in the development and health of children from the perspective of psychologists. The first-time dad is getting ready for this new challenge in his life.

Book “Diary of a pregnant woman”

The book talks about pregnancy from a male point of view, with funny situations. Your friend will identify with some.

“Guess who’s going to be a father” t-shirt

Your friend will want to wear this shirt every day.

First Time Parents Kit

The kit has a mug, first-time father’s commandments, wheel of responsibility and an eye rest.


An accessory that is also very useful for the father.

Multifunctional backpack

The color and practicality of this backpack can almost be confused with Dad’s, but it was actually made for baby’s stuff.

CD Baby Style

Experts say babies can hear sounds inside the uterus. The Baby Style CD is produced with songs adapted for babies. It all depends on what style of music the father wants his baby to hear, Mozart or Queen.

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