10 tips for gifting a Sagittarius

The western zodiac attributes the zodiac sign Sagittarius who was born between 23 November and 21 December. Optimistic, adventurous and very good-natured, amuse them with an amazing gift!

  1. Known for their joy and good mood, what Sagittarius most appreciate in a gift is, in fact, the intention. If a gift is offered sincerely and with the heart, then its content is the least important. Knowing this can be useful if you can’t find anything special: in these cases, use gift vouchers and offer it in a nice postcard.
  2. However, Sagittarius loves a gift that makes an excellent first impression, that is, that is wrapped with pomp and circumstance!
  3. Independent and adventurous, the Sagittarius has the soul of a traveler, which means that anything related to travel is a good choice: books about your next destinations or dream locations, suitcases, backpacks or necessary. Lovers of the exotic and the unusual, objects from distant countries and reminiscent of other peoples, are also desirable gifts.
  4. Whoever was born under the sign Sagittarius sees pets as a perfect companion and it is not uncommon to have one or even more! In that sense, they will love any article related to their dog or cat – books, key chains, sculptures, paintings or illustrations.
  5. True “pope-books”, these natives are always reading something, so contribute to your library so that it doesn’t stop growing – Sagittarius thanks you!
  6. The waist and hips are the areas of the body governed by the sign Sagittarius, so a belt will be a much appreciated accessory. Still with regard to accessories, you can also choose a wallet, a purse, jewelery or jewelry.
  7. Ruled by the fire element, Sagittarius is optimistic in nature and a great inspiration for those around it. They love the colors red, purple and blue. However, they are very independent and do not like to feel trapped – watches, diaries and mobile phones are the kind of gifts that they do not particularly appreciate.
  8. These natives love to break routines and try new things, so use your imagination to provide your Sagittarius with an unforgettable gift that appeals to your adventurous side: a trip by helicopter or in a hot air balloon; a dive baptism or the possibility to drive a race car!
  9. Sagittarius use garnet as a semi-precious stone and lucky stones: lapis lazuli, smoked quartz and amethyst (those born between 23 November and 1 December); sardonic, onyx and chalcedony (those born between 2 and 11 December); topaz, ruby ​​and sapphire (those born between 12 and 21 December).
  10. In addition to being adventurous, Sagittarius is very sociable and there is nothing better than being surrounded by those you love the most. A surprise party would be the ideal gesture to stamp a smile of happiness on the face of these natives!

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