22 Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Barbecue

Her father loves to call friends and family for a barbecue and makes a point of preparing everything in every detail, practically a master barbecue. And when it all starts, there he is, on the side of the grill with all the necessary accessories – and even some not so much.

For Father’s Day he will be very happy with gifts that have to do with this theme. That’s why we’re going to give gift ideas to the dad who loves a barbecue.

Stainless steel 5-piece barbecue kit

This is for your dad to show off while he cuts the meat. With three knives, a fork and a sharpener.

Grill kit + barbecue grill

Both are demountable, so your dad can take the barbecue wherever he wants.

Grill master kit

The kit comes with apron, fork and knife. To make the barbecue an event.

Smart board

In addition to serving to cut meat, it also has an aluminum thermal drawer to keep the barbecue warm and free of flies and a plastic drawer for cleaning the board.

Non-stick blanket grill

The blanket has the function of preparing the most diverse types of food on the barbecue. With the non-stick system, it produces less smoke and is much easier to clean.

Manual coal blower

To have flame faster with manual blower. Light, practical and economical.


Because every barbecue master has the best knife to prepare and cut the barbecue. It couldn’t be different with your father.

Set of BBQ dishes

The barbecues in your father’s house will have an extra touch with these dishes specially made for the occasion.

Tramontina knife set

A good barbecue needs to be thoroughly prepared. With this set of knives everything is cut faster and in the right way.

Barbecue case with 18 pieces

The case has 1 fork, 1 spatula, 1 tongs, 1 brush, 6 skewers and 8 skewers for snacks. Complete.

Kit Chopeira

This kit comes with a beer cooler, 6 glasses, 6 forks and 6 knives.

Rockn Cook Board

A rock in roll style steak board.

Cooker hood

It is only to set fire to the coal that there is smoke everywhere. This cooker hood, which adapts to any grill, helps to prevent this.

Skewer meat slicer

The preparation of the barbecue is better with this cutter. The skewers are ready faster and more uniform. You can also prepare fruit skewers.

Rotating system for barbecue

Your father can do other things while the rotation system does the work of turning the meat.

Barbecue car

To make the barbecue even more practical and beautiful.

Grill cleaning brush

The most annoying part of the barbecue time is exactly cleaning the grill. Nobody wants to do it. The cleaning brush prevents deformation and facilitates work.

Himalayan Salt Tábua Stone

For the barbecue to get even better. The Himalayan salt rock makes it possible to prepare food better, guaranteeing more golden and delicious meats. Your father’s barbecues will be popular.


An apron to make your barbecue dad even more charming.

Personalized meat board with the heart team

In versions with the Corinthians, Palmeiras, São Paulo and Santos logos.

Portable Barbecue for stove

Your father loves barbecue, but the space is small for a large barbecue. The solution is a barbecue that can be used on the stove or stove. Everything is ready in 20 minutes.

Draft beer tower

Where barbecue and draft beer combine, this Beer Tower is perfect. With a capacity of 1.5 liters and an internal cooler, it keeps the liquid cold for longer.

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