An unbeatable gift for the Aquarium

According to the Western horoscope, Aquarius is one that was born between January 21st and February 19th. With very strong personalities, these natives are known for being shy and intellectual, but also very sociable and even a little exuberant. Choose the characteristic you want to appeal to and discover a perfect gift for the Aquarius.

Inventive and independent, Aquariums love to stay abreast of and have the latest technological advances – from PDAs, iPODs and mobile phones, to digital cameras and high-end software. A good gift can also be protectors or specific bags for each of your many gadgets!

Their thirst for novelty is reflected in the desire to learn more and it is not surprising if they are constantly involved in different projects – offer a book or something related to your new hobby.

Ruled by the “air” element, these natives really like to experience any novelty, even the fashions that come and go! Be original and offer the Aquarium a yoga or cooking course, some acupuncture sessions or painting classes. The ideal is that it is completely unexpected!

Living up to the sky and the stars that populate the universe, most of these natives are lovers of astronomy, that is, since a night of observing the planets, baptizing a star with the name of this native, or even a telescope, the Aquarium will see with a good eye a gift that “falls from the skies”!

In addition to air and space, Aquariums are, as the name suggests, water lovers. Some ideas to appeal to this taste are: a basket with sumptuous bath products, an inscription in a swimming pool, a bikini or swimming trunks, a program of water treatments in a day spa or in the thermal baths.

In addition to the original, the Aquarius likes “things with personality” – it can be a sculpture or a plushie, but it cannot be boring or the same as so many others – it must have something that distinguishes it, which gives it its own characteristics!

The area of ​​the body governed by this sign are the heels, and because a pair of socks is not the most original gift in the world, it can be more creative: why not a foot bracelet, a pedicure or a foot massage?

Extremely independent and very progressive, the Aquarius does not like to feel trapped, nor limited to schedules. Avoid offering watches or any other gift that has a short time to be enjoyed, as the Aquarius is unpredictable and loves the taste of freedom.

Turquoise is the precious stone that identifies these natives, but if you want to offer a “lucky stone” to the Aquarius, know that the pearl, jasper and amethyst are appropriate for those born between the 21st and 30th of January; onyx, crisoprase and amber are ideal for those who celebrate their birthday between January 31st and February 9th; sapphire, garnet and zirconia are the lucky stones for aquariums that came into the world between the 10th and 19th of February.

Aquariums are also known for not caring at all about how a gift is presented – what matters is the content! And what the native unwraps will have to be, above all, unique and will have to show that he wasted some time looking for that special gift! Don’t make the mistake of offering any “trinket”, the Aquarius will take it very seriously and, although it tries to disguise it, it may not succeed!

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