20 easter gift ideas for boyfriend

Easter is a delicious time for chocolate lovers, but giving an Easter egg as a gift every year seems simple and without any creativity. Besides, nowadays, easter eggs are super expensive and, many times, it pays to buy a chocolate bar, isn’t it ?!

If you want to take advantage of the Easter occasion to present your loved one with a special, creative gift, but without leaving aside the chocolate, we have prepared a list with 20 very cool gift ideas that are beyond the traditional Easter eggs we find in supermarket gondolas. Check out!

  1. Personalized mug with chocolate inside

These cute mugs are great ideas to give to your loved one on Easter. The idea here, to enhance the gift, is to have the mug personalized, with a love phrase, an excerpt from the couple’s music, a pun on the name of the chocolate or whatever your creativity dictates. Of course, fill the mug with truffles, chocolates or the person’s favorite chocolate.

  1. Personalized Easter basket

Our second suggestion is to create a personalized Easter basket, nothing to buy ready-made. You will save and still do something that looks like your love. Place easter eggs of your favorite brand or, if you prefer, choose homemade easter eggs, which many people make to sell at this time.

  1. Basket of favorite chocolates

Do you want to totally escape from Easter eggs, give a personalized gift and still save a lot? Then the ideal suggestion for you is to prepare a basket with the person’s favorite chocolate bars, truffles or chocolates. Chocolate bars cost half the price of eggs, with the same amount of grams.

  1. Bouquet or vase of flowers and chocolate

For women who like to receive flowers as a gift, a nice tip is to combine her favorite chocolate with a beautiful bouquet or vase. The photo below is purely illustrative and you can, in fact, get out of the obvious and search for the flower that she likes best as well.

  1. Chocolate bouquet

Look what a cool idea! How about, instead of gifting your love with a bouquet of flowers, gift it with a delicious bouquet of chocolate? It has everything to do with the Easter season, it is a very creative gift and it will certainly be successful.

  1. Kit wine with chocolate

If you and your boyfriend or girlfriend like to enjoy a good wine, our suggestion is to make a box or basket with the combination of the two. Some wines harmonize very well with chocolates. Find out about it to make the perfect choice.

  1. Bucket of beer with chocolates

For beer lovers, you can also make this combination. Here the idea is to put beer bottles, chocolates and other delicacies in a beer bucket. If this bucket is personalized, even better! See some options and suggestions in the photos we selected below.

  1. Stuffed animal with chocolate

Stuffed animals always melt the hearts of lovers. It can be a teddy bear, a bunny or any other she (he) prefers. Choose your favorite chocolates too and you will have a cute, creative and personalized gift to give to your love.

  1. “Happy Easter” cushion

Personalized pillows are creative gifts too. You can opt for a simple “happy easter” message or write a more romantic phrase. There are dozens of stores that personalize and print the pillows according to your preference. Don’t forget the chocolates!

  1. Favorite author’s books + chocolate

For boyfriends and girlfriends who love books, the idea is to make a combination of literature and chocolates. You can buy a new book from the person’s favorite author and spice it up with a packet full of chocolates. The Cacau Show has a box of chocolates in a book format, which is also very cool.

  1. “I want to bis with you” box

This gift is super cute and you can make it yourself with an encase box. Personalize by writing the things you want encore, like, for example, I want encore for your kisses and hugs, I want encore for your company, I want encore for your affection and so on. See the photo below and get inspired by that idea.

  1. Guitar shaped chocolate

Does your love play the guitar? So how about looking for or ordering a chocolate in the shape of a musical instrument? You can do it in any other format, as something that has to do with the person’s profession, lifestyle or hobby.

  1. Box of chocolates “I love you”

How about gourmet brigadeiros or a personalized box of chocolates, with a declaration of love for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Many stores place the order by order for that time. Enjoy.

  1. Super stuffed easter egg

If you want to compare an Easter egg, let it be a stuffed one like the one in the photo below. They are super hot and many people are selling at home. It is a delight and a way to surprise and please a chocoholic.

  1. Wedding rings inside the easter egg

This idea is perfect for those who want to take advantage of the date to ask for the hand of the loved one in marriage or dating. Place the rings inside a box, inside the Easter egg and the surprise of finding it will be really cool.

  1. Heart team basket

Is your boyfriend or girlfriend a football fanatic? So the idea is to create a basket, with favorite chocolates, but also with some personalized items from the heart team. It can be a team mug, a glass or a box, for example.

  1. Favorite chocolate personalized box

You probably know what your love’s favorite chocolates are, so just prepare a box with bars of the person’s favorite chocolates. If you want, also make a very romantic card to impress.

  1. Personalized chocolate bar

A very simple, cheap, but also very cool idea is to customize the packaging of the chocolate bar. Writing, for example, “I love you more than chocolate”, is a creative statement that has everything to do with the date.

  1. “You are a dream” box

Look how cool this personalized box, with the photo of the couple, that the person can use for other things afterwards, filled with a waltz dream and with the statement “you are a dream”.

  1. Romantic dinner with fondue

And last but not least, a romantic dinner with chocolate fondue. You can do it at home or, if you prefer, make a reservation at a restaurant specializing in this type of food.

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