20 gift ideas for a fat friend

The chubby or chubby is the striking friend all over the place. Most of the time, it is the liveliest, most friendly, the most communicative, the most playful, the most fragrant, the coolest.

Gifting a fat friend is even easier, because he doesn’t have a lot of freshness. You can, for example, pay for lunch at a nice restaurant. With plus size fashion gaining more space, there are many clothing options for your friend. It all depends on how much you can spend with this friend that is more than cute.

If they or they are the first ones on the list that you think about giving, whether for Friend’s Day or another occasion, here are 20 ideas:

Favorite perfume

If your friend is known to be very fragrant, there is nothing more fair than giving your favorite perfume as a gift. Let’s start with the suggestion of the feminine, Carolina Herrera 212 is a very appreciated fragrance.


T-shirts are practically a wild card when it comes to giving gifts. Choose the one that suits your friend. The link shows some that will look good on your friend.

Long Dress

Plus size fashion is increasingly more diverse and better. Your friend will love this long dress.

Essential brushes kit

Her friend loves to produce herself and invest in make up. She will really like this kit of essential brushes for a complete makeup and even comes with a booklet of application techniques.

Chocolate Ferrero Colection

It is difficult to find anyone who does not like chocolate, especially your friend who is not very attached to the diet. This package from the Ferrero Colection is a very good gift, in every way, but if you want to improve, put together a basket of several chocolates.


If your friend is a great chef, a grill is good for preparing meats and snacks larger than a sandwich maker.

Large bath towel

For your friend to get out of the bath and wrap himself in the towel.

Bathrobe GG

This unisex plus size bathrobe is also a nice gift for your friend to get out of the comfortable bath.

Sneakers with greater cushioning

Anyone who is overweight needs a sneaker with more cushioning. If you are a great friend and have the means, giving your friend a sneaker like this is really cool. Let’s suggest a male model:

Air circulator

Chubby people usually feel more heat. An air circulator will be welcome.

Legging Fitness Butt Slap

Legging is a style of pants that wears well for fat women. This one has a high waistband and is made with a Suplex fabric, which is thicker and is not transparent. If your friend prefers to be more discreet, this is a nice gift.

Women’s Jeans

Plus size model for your friend to rock with all the charm she has.

Women’s Striped Blouse

Combine this blouse with the pants. A beautiful look.

Female leather jacket

Choose a shoe and your friend is ready to go out in that leather jacket.

Doll Shoes Thick Heel

And here’s the idea for the shoe.

Plus Size Men’s Pajamas

A very comfortable and warm pajamas for your friend to sleep well.

Pajamas For Women

And another for your friend.

Men’s Denim Shirt

Your friend will be very handsome and comfortable in this denim shirt.

Casio Silver Watch

A watch to match the denim shirt.

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