20 Gift Ideas for a Catholic Friend

Giving a Catholic friend a gift is both easy and difficult. There are several options for Catholic articles scattered around, which makes it easy. Now, how to choose what has more to do with your friend? This is the difficult part.

Saints, crucifixes, medals, pictures, t-shirts, the list seems endless and the question of whether it is the ideal gift grows together. Calm down, let’s help you with 20 Catholic gift ideas, just read down there:

Cross Pendant Jesus Clad

A crucifix pendant is both beautiful and delicate.

Sacred Heart resin statue

Every Catholic values ​​a beautiful image like that of Jesus.

Personalized Heart of Jesus Mug

Mugs are very versatile items. If you want to use it in the kitchen, it resists both hot and cold. If you prefer, decorate any space and can serve as a pencil holder and whatever else your creativity decides. This mug with the image of Christ is a beautiful gift for a Catholic friend.

Picture Jesus Christ Crucified

Incredible decoration item on the wall. Picture with the image of Christ crucified, with the phrase “It was for Love”.

Cushion cover

Also for decoration, this kit with 5 covers for cushions is very beautiful. You can include the filling to make it look better.

Silver bead

The trinket is one more detail on the bracelet or where to choose. This has the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. There are other options.

Holy Bible Luxury Edition

With a red cover, illustrated with Renaissance paintings, with various information in addition to eternal prayers. A deluxe edition of the Holy Bible for the whole family.

Book “Saints of our life”

A book with graces, stories and curiosities about saints like São José, Santa Teresinha, Santa Rita de Cássia, Nossa Senhora Untie the Knots, Santa Rita de Cássia, Santo Antônio.

Sacred Bronze Ostensory

Another beautiful piece of decoration. The monstrance is handcrafted with a transparent glass center with a host door.

CD Padre Fábio de Melo

The CD Deus in the hiding place of the verse, by Father Fábio de Melo brings 10 songs with the participation of great names of Brazilian music.

Jesus Merciful Women’s Blouse

Your friend will love this shirt.

Our Father Prayer Plate

To remember at all times the most well-known prayer in the world, the Our Father, a MDF plaque with white lacquered paint.

Male Rosary

The third has a special significance among Catholics. This is a suggestion of a male third, but there are the female versions and the most affordable ones.

Holy Spirit Divine Dove Ring

Another very beautiful jewel to present to a Catholic friend is the ring with doves that represent the Divine Holy Spirit.

“Good Morning Espírito Santo” book

Benny Hinn tells the transformation in his life through the teachings of God. A very inspiring book.

Book “History of Catholicism in Brazil”

The book features studies on Catholicism in Brazil, the reorganization of the church in a language that facilitates reading. If your Catholic friend is interested in history, he will want both volumes.

Book “Coloring the mysteries of the Rosary in Family”

If your friend likes these coloring books, he will like this one.

Modeling ointment

Your friend is one of those who likes to go well dressed for mass. This styling ointment will help when styling hair.

Lancome Lipstick

Catholic, yes. No lipstick, ever. The Catholic friend can apply lipstick, yes. And if it is a perfumed that leaves your lips hydrated, even better.

Miraculous Medal

A plaster statue of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, 20 cm high.

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