20 gift ideas for brewers

Do you have a friend, relative or boyfriend or girlfriend who is brewing and are thinking of giving him or her a really nice gift? So you’ve found the right place. In Brazil it is common for people to like very cold beer, after all we are in a tropical country. But there are hundreds of different types of beer, so our first tip is to bet on something different, like craft beer.

Want more ideas and suggestions? Then check out the list we have prepared with 20 gift tips that every brewer would love to receive.

  1. Super cooler

Let’s start with something really cool that are super coolers. They are great for those who want to have a cold beer, but just bought it and didn’t have time to let it freeze. You put the super cooler together with the beer and ice, in the bucket, and the drink will be at the ideal temperature in just a few minutes.

  1. Growler for draft beer

This special bottle was made for those who love draft beer and want to take it home and keep it in the same quality. The Growler has this function and keeps the drink for up to 10 days. It is a great gift for beer lovers.

  1. Rock n Roll Beers

There are several bands that have already launched their beer lines and, if the person you intend to gift to is a fan of beer when it comes to rock n roll, this can be a great gift suggestion to surprise and please the birthday boy.

  1. Beers and delicacies

How about this idea, a basket with beers and delicacies? You can prepare this gift yourself by choosing a few bottles of beer (the person’s favorites) and some snacks to snack on, such as cheese, bread, peanuts, etc.

  1. Craft beer kit

Another very cool idea to give someone who is passionate about beers is to bet on artisans. You can assemble a kit by choosing a few different beers, the ones that we only drink on special occasions.

  1. Kit of draft beer mugs

Look how beautiful this kit of draft beer mugs, plus a great suggestion for gifting a brewer at any time of the year or any occasion. After all, who really likes draft beer does not open the mother to drink it with a special glass.

  1. Beer glasses kit

Or a kit of beer glasses. It can be a classic set, with tulip cups, or sets with cups of different shapes to drink with special beers. It depends on the taste and style of beer that your friend likes best.

  1. Exotic beer glasses

There are many different types of beer glasses. The German brand of Spiegelau glasses has an incredible collection for brewers, which emphasizes more the flavor and aroma of beer. A big present!

  1. Bottle Opener Keychain

A simpler gift, but also great to surprise any beer fan are the key chains with openers. After all, a professional brewer must always be prepared to open a bottle.

  1. Ice bucket for beer

A bucket of ice is always good to have on hand, whether for that barbecue with friends or for the family celebration dinner, ensuring a beer that is always very cold for all the guests.

  1. Beer Savers Caps

These silicone caps are ideal for those who love to drink beers from bottles and then have no way to close them and save the drink for later. A great idea, creative and very useful.

  1. Beer crackers

Want another very simple gift suggestion? The wafers coasters of beer. Choose a different and fun model or with the print of the person’s favorite beer. It’s really cool to have friends over and offer different and unique cookies to support the glasses.

  1. Books about beers

For those who are really passionate about beers, like to attend fairs and take courses on drinking, books that address the theme is a great way to gift this person. You can bet it’s a special gift.

  1. Fun Beer T-Shirts

How about some themed T-shirts? There are hundreds of different options, both for men and women who love beer. A very creative, fun and certainly original and different gift.

  1. Beer Pong game

These games are really cool to entertain people at meetings. Beer Pong is a challenge where participants must hit the cups with the ball to have the right to drink a glass of beer. The game gets funnier as people drink.

  1. Frame for collecting caps

Now let’s talk about some decorative items, inspired by people’s passion for beer. The first of these are the frames with an opening to store the lids. A way to decorate the environment and also to collect.

  1. Decorative brewer frame

Or, another cool option, are the purely decorative paintings, with images of beer, creative phrases, etc. Enter an option that has to do with the style of your friend and you will certainly be able to surprise and please.

  1. Beer entrance doormat

Look how cool and different these doormats are for the entrance to the house. Thus, all visitors will already know that they are entering the home of a professional brewer. A simple but very creative and original gift idea to surprise someone and, of course, please.

  1. Beer lamp or luminous

The last tip that has to do with decoration are the lamps. There are a few options that you can do yourself using a beer bottle and Christmas flasher. But you can also buy ready-made beer lights, which we usually see in pub decor. It will be very cool to decorate the room and even other environments of a brewer’s house.

  1. Beer tasting and harmonization course

And, to finish our list of ideas, a basic beer tasting course. There are several legal options and some are taught by beer sommeliers, in restaurants, in a simple and very fun way. It is a unique gift and it will certainly be unforgettable.

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