25 Gift Ideas for Football Fans

Brazil is known as the country of football for nothing. Here, this is the most popular sport and has the greatest number of passionate fans and fans who suffer and celebrate together with the players in each match. We are also the only country in the world that participated in all the cups and the one that collects the most world titles, with 5 cup trophies.

That said, it is not difficult to have a friend or relative who is a football fanatic, is it not ?! Everyone knows someone who gets stressed and defends the team tooth and nail, don’t they ?! And if you need to gift someone like this, check out this incredible list that we have prepared, with gifts ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive.

  1. Football team shirt

The first tip is very classic, a football shirt. It doesn’t matter if the person already has one. The fans really like to collect, so try to find a model that the person doesn’t have yet.

  1. Football team cap

If you have a friend who loves wearing a cap, then this is the perfect gift choice. Choose a model of the team that the person supports, or of an international team that he also likes and that’s it. In the photo we selected to illustrate we have a beautiful Real Madrid cap.

  1. Soccer cleats

If, in this case, the person besides being passionate about football also loves to play, he will certainly enjoy winning a new boot. Find out his / her shoe number and you will be right on your choice.

  1. Soccer ball

The soccer ball is for both those who like to play and those who just like to watch. That’s because there are some incredible models of balls that are to collect. You can choose a ball from the person’s team, like this incredible one from Braça, or the ball from the world cup.

  1. Full uniform

This is also an option for those who love to play a game of football with friends. The complete uniform of the person’s favorite team will certainly make him very happy.

  1. Video game

There are several football video game options, ideal for those who prefer to just operate the buttons on the controller. FIFA 17 was one of the best selling games between 2016 and 2017.

  1. Book “Ball fever” or “Football without borders”

These two books are incredible and tell many interesting stories, which will hold the attention of football fans. If the person you intend to gift to is as much a fan of reading as of football, this will be the perfect gift.

  1. Football bag

Anyone who plays football needs one of these! This football bag is practical and has compartments to store all the uniform, boot and so on. But remember that this gift is only valid for that person who plays football and not just watches.

  1. Team Sweatshirt or Jacket

Sweatshirt is also a great gift idea. After all, a football fan certainly has a team at heart and will love to parade with a beautiful sweatshirt out there. In the photo we selected to illustrate the sweatshirt of the mighty Chelsea.

  1. Plush mascot

Every team has a mascot, so how about looking for the plush piece to give as a gift to someone ?! In the photo we have the cute Fuleco, official mascot of the world cup in Brazil, 2014.

  1. Football team backpack

Backpacks are great, whether for everyday use or for a shorter trip. Look for one with a print of the person’s team, or an international team that they admire. In the picture we have a beautiful Liverpool backpack.

  1. Football team chopeira

Have you ever thought about having friends over and being able to serve delicious glasses of beer? With this beer cooler this will be possible and the coolest thing is that you can find it with the logo of several teams. Below in the photo we have a beer cooler Barcelona.

  1. Beer Mug

And since the subject is draft beer, how about completing the gift with a mug with the logo of the person’s heart team ?! Great idea for those who besides football fans are also fans of a good beer.

  1. Football team slipper

The football market is so wide that you will also find football team-printed slippers. In the photo below we have a Bayern Munich slipper.

  1. Football team keychain

Keyrings are great souvenirs to give as a gift to people. There are several models that you can find, such as this goalkeeper glove from the English team Liverpool.

  1. Football team car trash can

The stores of products of the Brazilian soccer teams also remembered those who are passionate about cars and offer some items, such as garbage dumps. Whoever gets into that person’s car will already know, right away, which team the heart of the owner is.

  1. Football team cushions

It is also easy to find pads with football team covers. Great idea to decorate the bedroom or the living room. In the photo below, we have perfect pillows for Messi fans.

  1. Bottle opener cell phone cover

The boat fan, who likes to watch football matches at the bar with friends, will love the idea of ​​having a cell phone case that also serves as a bottle opener. Nothing more practical, is it?

  1. Personalized pen and pad

Ordered and personalized gifts are always more special. There are many stores that make simple gifts, like notepads and personalized pens. In the photo we selected we have Barcelona as the theme.

  1. Soccer team cooler

To always have a cold beer during the barbecue with the crowd, how about giving your friend a cooler with the logo of his team ?! Remember that this gift is cool for those who are always welcoming people home to watch games.

  1. Tin holder with snack bar

This idea is super cool to see the games in the living room, with a good beer and some snacks. Keeps the drink cold and prints the passion for the team. It is possible to find this support with the logo of several Brazilian and international teams.

  1. Football team thumb drive

How about giving a friend a pen drive from your favorite team ?! Besides being cool, a pen drive is very useful nowadays. See how cool this is from Real Madrid.

  1. Football team cell phone case

There are millions of models of cell phone cases and of course you can also find options with the design of football teams. Discover the model of the person’s cell phone and give them a cape.

  1. Football team wristwatch

Watches are always a great gift option. Then try to find a nice watch with the logo of the football team that the person supports. See how amazing this wristwatch from Bayern Munich

  1. Football team bedding

Finally, how about giving a football lover a game of comforters and pillows from your favorite team ?! In the photo we have bed linen from Barcelona.

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