20 Gift Ideas for Dad Rocker

Ramones, Iron Maden, ACDC, Metallica, Sepultura, Black Sabath. Names that are very familiar in your home, thanks to your father. He makes a point of listening to the songs and may have already taken you to a rock concert.

This rocker dad deserves to get a gift that has everything to do with him. Did you beat the doubt? Do not despair, because there are 20 suggestions below to give on this Father’s Day:

Rock and Roll T-Shirt

Let’s start with something simpler, a shirt with a really cool rock print. You can also choose one of his favorite band.

CD Iron Maiden

If your dad doesn’t have it yet, he’ll love an Iron Maiden CD, Book of Souls.

You Rock Cushion

For your father to take that nap on the couch, because he rocks.

Cellphone case

A cell phone cover to match your dad.

Coffee and Rock n’Roll Travel Cup

Your father will drink coffee in style from that cup. The cool thing is that you can take it everywhere.

Leather jacket

This leather jacket will make your father look better. It’s kind of expensive, so you’ll need to spend a little.

Perfume Black XS

Giving perfume is very personal, so you need to know if your dad will like Paco Rabanne Black XS. One thing is for sure, the packaging is rock.

Leather Rock Sneakers

Continuing in the rock style line, a very beautiful leather sneaker will make your father’s feet.

Funko Slash

If Guns n ‘Roses is on your dad’s favorite bands list, this Funko doll from Slash is a really cool gift.

Rock Skull Mug

What is your father’s rock level? It’s for that skull mug

Or something not so scary

Keep Calm and Rock ‘n roll Apron

Lover of rock and good food. An apron that translates well who your father is.

Wall clock

For your father to know the time, a wall clock ‘n roll’.

Mini system

Your dad will listen to his favorite songs with quality with this mini system

Guitar Hero game

If your dad wants to have a guitar, but doesn’t know how to play, he’ll like to pretend to be a rock star on Guitar Hero. And you can compete whoever scores the most points.

Rock Star Meat Board

Your father will even do a guitar solo while cutting the meat for the barbecue with this board.

Rock ‘n Cook kitchen set

Add the board to a set with pots, opener, fork, spoon and your father in the kitchen and wait to see if it doesn’t rock.

DVD Pink Floyd Special Edition

Box with 5 DVDs of Pink Floyd in special edition will make your father have fun for a long time.


Rockers wear sunglasses, so does their father.

Rock n Roll object holder

In case you can’t afford to spend a lot, this wooden object holder is a nice option to show that you remembered your father.

Hall of Fame Live DVD Box 1-9 volumes

A 9-volume box with the biggest rock hits of all time, concerts, backstage, rehearsals. Your dad will like it and it’s not that expensive.

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