20 Gift Ideas for Friend DJ

DJ, from the original English disc jockey, or disc jockey in Portuguese, is a professional who works mixing and recreating music to entertain a certain audience. The DJ is between buttons of controllers and processors and concentrated in his headset has the responsibility to animate parties, ballads, shows and wherever else he is hired.

He or she needs to be attuned to rhythms, music and perceive the audience’s vibe to know when to mix everything. Being a DJ is not just restricted to men, women can also face it.

Djs like to dress well, look great and be the center of attention. Thus, it seems easy to give a gift to your friend. Is it? Got in doubt? Take a look at the 20 tips below and get inspired:

Music Notebook Sticker

A sticker to make the notebook personalized for your friend. This one has the image of a sound mixer, but there are other very cool ones.

Sound table

It is possible to record audio to the computer with the mixer, to mix different sounds from instruments and microphones.

DJ Headset

A widely used accessory for a DJ is a headset. This is suitable for DJs because it has a better response of low and high frequencies and is resistant.

Ekos Murumuru Natura Butter Treatment

Air conditioning, lights, smoke effects, sweat. All of this damages your friend DJ’s hair. Natura’s Ekos Murumuru Butter, promotes treatment of damaged hair, repairing the strands

DJ controller table

Essential working instrument for the DJ

Lighting kit

Kit with strobe, holographic laser, magic ball, pen drive with music and a wireless remote control. If your friend is starting out in the DJ business, these items will help a lot at the time of the party.

Professional speaker

Professional speakers are expensive. If you are willing to shell out the amount for your friend, it is a very welcome gift.

DJ Alien Creative T-Shirt

Creative T-shirts are cool and cute gifts.

Sneakers DJ Double-G Jeferson Vieira

Tennis model by one of the greatest Brazilian DJs, Jeferson Vieira, DJ Cia. Comfortable, with personalized details.

DJ resin decoration

Resin ornament that honors the professions. This one has the DJ format.

DJ Suki Trolls Keychain

Very cute and charming the keychain with DJ Suki, from the movie Trolls.

DJ Watercolor Personalized Porcelain Mug

Beautiful this mug with the image of a DJ.

DJ decoration board

Look at that incredible picture with the DJ theme that we found at Walmart!

Mini Keyboard Controller

The DJ can create several melodies with the Mini Keyboard Controller. Because it is small, it can be taken anywhere and takes up little space.

Laser Projector – Rhythmic Light Cannon

Holographic projector, green and red colors, accompanies the beat of the music. For parties and events animated by your DJ friend to get even better.

Strobe Rhythmic 12 Leds

A professional lighting game that will also improve party animation.

External Hard Drive 1TB and USB 3.0

An external HD with 1TB space allows the DJ to record a multitude of songs. An interesting and very useful gift for your friend.

64GB Pen Drive

The pen drive has less storage space and is cheaper, but it is worth giving your friend a gift, since he will need many for the music and images.

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