20 Gift Ideas for Gilmore Girls Fans

Known in Brazil as “Tal Mãe, Tal Daughter”, the North American series launched in 2000, was very successful worldwide and won Brazilian fans as fast as its release here. The seventh and final season released in 2007 left many of these passionate fans orphans, but due to such success Netflix brought the series back in 4 episodes long, 90 minutes each.

The story, as its name suggests in Portuguese, revolves around mother and daughter, who go through several generational conflicts and funny situations, making their viewers identify with the situations experienced by the characters. It’s not hard to fall in love with the series. If you know a Gilmore Girls fan, check out the list of gifts we’ve prepared to please anyone in love with “Like Mother, Like Daughter”.

  1. Gilmore Girls Decorative Pillows

Of course, a fan will love having items to decorate any room, living room and any other environment with objects from the series. With that in mind we started our list with custom pillows. Many stores make it to order, with the phrase or photo of your choice. But you also find it ready.

  1. Gilmore Girls decorative frames

Another idea is the decorative frames. We’ve found a lot of really cool models in online stores, where it’s much easier to find this kind of gift. One is prettier than the other and your only problem will be deciding between so many options.

  1. Gilmore Girls Posters

Or how about posters? If you don’t have time to place the order online, one idea is to choose a nice poster image on the internet and have it printed at a printer. It looks really cool.

  1. Gilmore Girls Personalized Mug

The mugs are our darlings here on the blog. There are dozens or maybe even hundreds of stores that customize the mugs just the way you want. Just ask. But you can also find some ready-made models, with a Gilmore Girls print. Put some bonbons if you want to spice up the present.

  1. Gilmore Girls Thermal Cups

In addition to the mugs, it also has thermal cups from the series. See how incredible the option we found in an online store. It’s super cool and perfect for that friend or friend who loves to have a hot drink.

  1. Gilmore Girls Keychain

Despite being a simple gift, it’s something we use a lot on a daily basis, isn’t it?! And everyone likes to have a keychain with a symbol of something they love.

  1. Gilmore Girls T-shirts

T-shirts, of course, are great gift ideas. There are options for men and also for women, and there are dozens of them. Choose the model that you think has the most to do with the person who will be giving the gift. Just don’t go wrong in size.

  1. Gilmore Girls Sweatshirt

The sweatshirts are even more beautiful. Great gifts to give in the winter season. After all, any fan loves to wear clothes that show their passion for the series. You can bet whoever receives this gift will love it.

  1. Gilmore Girls bag/tote

The bags and bags are perfect for girls/women fans of the series. Every woman wears bags daily and it’s much cooler when this object has the pattern of the Gilmore Girls series.

  1. Gilmore Girls Chains and Pendants

See how cute these character-inspired pendants are, mother Lorelai Victoria Gilmore and daughter Lorelai “Rory” Leigh Gilmore. If you’re also a fan of the series, I bet you’ll want one of those too, right?!

  1. Gilmore Girls Bracelets

If you are enchanted by pendants and chains, you will love the bracelets even more. There’s one more beautiful than the other and any fan of the series will fall in love with them. Another great gift suggestion for you to give to your friend.

  1. Gilmore Girls Café sign

This decorative plate to put in the coffee corner is very cute and will help give that special touch to the decor. A very different, creative gift that has everything to do with the series.

  1. Book “Talking as fast as I can”

This book is just amazing for any fan. Lauren Graham, who plays the mother Gilmore, tells all about the behind-the-scenes footage of the series and, for sure, the fan who reads this book will want to revisit the series just to see a few scenes and understand some behind-the-scenes stories. A gift.

  1. Funko Pop Dolls

These dolls are beautiful and great gifts for fans. It has all the characters and you can encourage your friend or friend to start the collection, if he (a) doesn’t have it yet, of course.

  1. Gilmore Girls book covers

For those who not only love to watch series but also love to read, look at these book covers. It has cool options for both books and e-readers. Another great gift suggestion.

  1. Gilmore Girls Bookmark

Another cool tip for voracious readers are the series-inspired bookmarks. They are simple but useful, creative and really cool. What do you think?

  1. Cellphone case

Cell phone cases are fundamental nowadays and there are many people who change the case almost every day. So this could be a really cool gift. There are some stores that make custom cases, you just have to inform the cell phone model and the print you would like.

  1. Gilmore Girls mouse pad

The mouse pad can also be made to order and everyone uses it. It’s another simple gift, but different. In fact, you can even make a kit with several of these suggestions to give someone a gift.

  1. Gilmore Girls Full DVD Box

In penultimate place and one of the most important presents is the DVD box with all seasons. Any fan, who hasn’t already, will love the gift. After all, when we miss our favorite series, we like to review and see it again.

  1. Gilmore Girls Decorated Cake

And finally, how about a decorated cake? If you don’t have that much skill to make, just show this photo in the store and order your decorated cake. Certainly the birthday boy will love the surprise.

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