35 gift ideas for parents

Presenting the father is not such a difficult task! It is important to know a little about his tastes and preferences and make the right choice. Very important figure in our lives, we want to make you happy and show our love by giving gifts.

To make your choice easier, we have prepared a list of 35 gift ideas for parents. Look at the list carefully and make sure you hit and please your friend of a lifetime: your father!


Perfume is a gift option that always pleases. Who doesn’t like to be perfumed? If you already know your father’s favorite, perfect! If you want to innovate, a classic and modern fragrance at the same time is a good option.


The watch is another classic gift for parents! Which model suits him best? Classic or sporty? Find out which he prefers and make the right choice. An item that every man loves and that values ​​style.


The vast majority of men love a jacket! A garment that cannot be left out of the wardrobe. Get the present right!

beard kit

If your father is part of the bearded team, a kit with shampoo for shaving, hair and mustache, ointment for fixing and styling the hair and oil to soften and perfume the beard will be the perfect choice! This model still comes with the toilet bag or choose another kit of your choice.


Man likes to get clothes yes! The shirt is a piece that every man has at least one in his wardrobe. There are beautiful models and you are sure to find one that matches your dad’s style.

Vinyl disc

Vinyl records are back with a vengeance! What style of music does your dad like? Classic rock, 80’s rock or national music? Discover your preference and get it right!

record player

If your dad doesn’t have one of these yet, it’s time for you to give it to him! The best sound, to kill the longing to hear and enjoy the best music on vinyl.

electric shaver

Shaved every day? Is that your dad’s style? Nothing better to get as a gift than an electric razor! It will make his life easier. With wireless models, like the one in the picture, which is designed to prevent cuts and scratches, you have a defined and protected shave.

bluetooth headset

Headphones make life a lot easier these days. With several different models to choose from. This model in the photo reproduces high quality wireless sound from the smartphone, without that mess of wires. Controls the sound and can answer calls from the headphones with the convenient one-button remote control with microphone. Lightweight and foldable, you can carry it anywhere. Your dad will love it!


For the dad who loves running or walking, or for everyday comfort, sneakers are always a great gift choice. Which model would he like to win?


Can you imagine your father’s face when he gets a shirt like that? He will love it of course! In addition to being part of everyday clothing, the T-shirt with a phrase for the father is perfect to show all your love and affection.

Barbecue kit

For parents who love a good barbecue, there is nothing better than a kit to facilitate the preparation. I’m sure your dad will love it.

Book: Who rules the world?

Book always add wisdom and knowledge. This photo book, written by the world’s foremost intellectual activist, will offer an in-depth look at the shifts in American power, the threats to democracy, and the future of the global order. It is an indispensable guide to understanding the current international situation. But, if your father is not interested in this type of reading, choose from the most varied themes and make the right choice.

Budweiser Official Cooler

How about a super cool cooler for your dad to store drinks? The cooler in the photo has a capacity of 24 cans, in addition to ice, it is easy to carry and will keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

Tennis racquet

Does your dad love to play tennis? How about giving a new racket? Choose the model he likes and he will have many more hours of gameplay ahead of him!


A mug just for him! Choose the one that best matches his style and has the most affectionate or funniest phrase. He won’t let anyone else use it.


Pajamas are often forgotten when giving gifts. Choose a soft and comfortable model that makes your dad look good at bedtime too!


Does your father take his notebook to work? Or carry a bunch of stuff for work or the gym? A backpack is a good gift idea and will serve all these functions. Some models are waterproof, will keep everything protected even underwater!

Kit with 10 underwear

Getting underwear might seem boring, but it sucks to be in old underwear, isn’t it? A kit of 10 underwear will keep your father up to date with his underwear.

Funky Pop

For daddy collectors and Star Wars lovers, a funko pop will make his collection even better! Choose the character he likes the most and that’s it!

Whiskey Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

Now if your dad likes a good whiskey, this is the perfect gift! A bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve will make your dad very happy. Enjoy with him and take the opportunity to catch up on the conversation.


Many men like fine jewelry or jewelry, like a chain with a pendant. Choose the pendant that best matches your father’s style and make the right choice.

Team shirt

Which team does your father support? A favorite team shirt is a perfect gift idea. Get him ready for him to cheer on the next game or even for a little football game with friends.


An item that is part of clothing, the wallet is a fundamental piece of everyday life. Which model does your father like best? Among so many models, choose the one that best suits his style and that’s it!

Bottle holder

To make daddy’s drink chilled, the bottle holder will be the best choice.


Eye protection and beauty for the outfit! Sunglasses are already part of everyday life, and will leave your dad in style and still protected from the sun’s rays. Which model is more like your father?

Shoe and belt kit

For a more relaxed style, the moccasin shoe is a great choice. This kit comes with a belt. Comfort and beauty for the feet.

wine opener kit

A creative and original idea, the wine opener kit will make your father’s life easier when tasting good wine.


Is style in accessories part of your father’s clothing? He’ll love getting a bracelet like the one in the photo, or pick one that suits his style best. Men also like to be up to date with accessories and beauty.

Polo shirt

Do you want to make your dad beautiful and up to date with style? The polo shirt is a super cool gift idea.

Reclining Dad’s Armchair

Comfort for your father to relax at home, with daddy’s armchair! You will provide quiet moments for your father to read a newspaper, watch television, or take a nap.


Comfort for the feet, slippers should always be soft and provide relaxation for feet tired of wearing shoes or sneakers all day. A good gift option for your father.

Which model suits him best? Choose from the various options and hit the present.

Ergonomic footrest

For dads who spend the day at the desk, a footrest makes all the difference at the end of the day, it will avoid stress on the feet and back, by providing the correct support and thus having a better posture.

Gift basket breakfast

What a delight to receive a breakfast basket! Surprise your father with a beautiful and full breakfast basket and share moments together!

32″ HD TV

And last but not least, TV! How about giving your dad a brand new TV? Wow, he will love it for sure!! For many moments of relaxation, watching your favorite movie or series, the TV news or football!

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