25 gift ideas for friend (a) lawyer (a)

The legal profession is one of the most respected and one of the most important for our society. If you have a friend who is a lawyer or who is about to graduate and/or has just passed the OAB exam, and you want to give him a special gift, we have prepared a very good list. cool with 25 gift ideas that are sure to please. Check it out right away.


Every lawyer needs to read a lot! That’s why a great gift is a desktop-related book. Or it could also be something more relaxed and fun.

executive briefcase

To load your work material, it is much easier and more charming with these folders. There are legal options for both men and women.


Custom pillows for lawyers are a very creative gift idea. Perfect for decorating various rooms in the house, such as the living room, reading corner or bedroom.

Thermal cup

The thermal cup keeps the drink hot for a longer time and is a good gift for those who like teas and coffees. Don’t forget to look for something personalized, with the profession to make the gift more special.


Pens are very useful for these professionals, so choose a very elegant or personalized model with the name of the profession. You can be sure it will be a very used and special gift.

Decorative frame

The frame is a great gift option! There are several legal options that will serve to compose a lawyer’s office.


You’ll find some cool options, both light fixtures to decorate and create more cozy environments, and more practical light fixtures, to help light the books or computers of those who study or work at night. Another really cool idea to give a lawyer.

table organizer

Practical and very useful gift that will definitely please you! To keep your desk organized.

table sculpture

Office desk decorations are also great ideas. The sculpture of the profession is a very interesting piece for decorating a lawyer’s office or home.

mouse pad

Another cool idea is a custom mouse pad. Your friend will love it, to use in the office or at home.


Perfect for those who will always have a lot to read! The kindle has an adjustable built-in light, allowing you to comfortably read for hours. The user will be able to read without distractions, mark snippets, improve vocabulary with the dictionary, translate words and adjust the font size without having to leave the page. And you’ll even be able to choose from thousands of books and store them in the library, which fits in your hands.

Social shirt

One piece of clothing that the lawyer will wear a lot is the dress shirt. An excellent gift idea!


It’s a cool first gift because everyone uses mugs at the office and at home, whether it’s for breakfast or any other time of day. Secondly, because it is a personalized gift, with phrases, images or sayings that are related to the profession.


For the office or home, the keyring is a creative and super useful gift!


Another useful and creative tip is the custom keyring. It’s a simple but personalized gift that will certainly be very useful for keeping your keys.


Now one item of clothing that lawyers men wear a lot is the tie. It never hurts to win, so you can always change.

Suit set

Women, on the other hand, use the suit a lot, for an audience, to receive a client or on a daily basis. Social clothes will always be a good gift for the lawyer.

Voice recorder

The voice recorder is a very practical item that the lawyer uses a lot, to record meetings, interviews, conversations with clients, etc. Some models have up to 32GB.

Clip for money/cards

The personalized note or card holder clip is another creative idea to present to (your) friend (the) lawyer (the).

Lady of Justice statuette

To decorate your lawyer’s friend’s office or home, this figurine is a great gift option.

Notebook support

To have a better posture when spending hours in front of the computer working, nothing better than the stand and some models come with cooling, to avoid overheating the notebook.

wine kit

If your friend likes to enjoy a good wine, a bottle and glasses are elegant and pleasing gifts.


Perfume is always an excellent gift item. Pay attention to the fragrance preference of the person being given. Do you like more citrus, sweet or woody perfumes?

coffee machine

How about an espresso coffee maker as a gift? For (the) your (your) friend (the) to have in the office or at home.

Coffee Capsule Organizer

To keep the coffee capsules organized and still give a charm to your office or home decor.

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