25 Gift Ideas for Beatles Fans

If you have a Beatlemaniac friend who is always saying things like “all you need is Beatles” and are looking for gift ideas for him/her, then you’ve just found the right place. Everyone knows that the Beatles, formed by Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon and George Harrison in Liverpool, England in 1956, were a worldwide phenomenon and an important milestone in rock history.

Such success reverberates to this day and the band’s legacy still has millions of fans around the world, of all ages, cultures and beliefs. And if you’re thinking of giving a Beatles fan and don’t know what to pick, we’ve selected 25 gift ideas that are sure to please even the most fanatical. Check out!


Every Beatles fan would love to have a t-shirt with the group’s print. The tip is when choosing the print of the shirt, knowing which is the Beatle’s favorite or which album/music the person likes the most, or a print like this one in the photo, with the whole group. So you don’t run the risk of making mistakes.


Mugs can also be found with hundreds of different Beatles prints. Which will you choose?


Another cool gift option for the Beatles fan is the sweatshirt.


To make the decor even better, how about giving a Beatles painting as a gift? A great gift, don’t you think?


With the return of the use of the record player, nothing better than giving the Beatles fan a vinyl record. Just choose one and go!


And how about a DVD that features previously unpublished images from the tours, recounting the exceptional years from the Band’s point of view. In addition to the unpublished images, it shows historical moments such as the first recording of the four members together (Liverpool’s Cavern Club, 1962), the first time the Beatles were heard on American radio (1963) and the band’s decision not to perform in a show where there was racial segregation (United States, 1964). Perfect, isn’t it?

guitar strap

A gift for the fan who not only loves the Beatles but also loves playing guitar!


If your friend is really a Beatlemaniac, he will certainly love to decorate the house with details of the band. In that case, how about investing in pillow? To avoid getting this wrong, try to find out if he (a) prefers more colorful options, or in black and white, like the one in the photo.

Protective skin for notebook

Look what a cool gift idea, a protective notebook skin with the Liverpool band print!

Lampshade and lamp

And a really cool decoration item is the lamp. There are several options, but this one we found is one of the coolest.

wall sticker

Wall stickers are also hot in the decor world and can be perfect on your bedroom wall or even your living room. The sticker we separated reminds us of the Beatles’ famous 12th album cover, “Abbey Road”.

coaster tray mat

A different option for the Beatles fan is the coaster mat! Very cool and super useful idea! It protects the sofa and adds charm to the decor.


Fan from the front door! The doormat is another item that will please and still decorate the environment at the entrance of the house.


If you need to give a gift to a friend who is a fan of Liverpool boys a keyring is a great idea. Everyone wears a keychain and if it’s a favorite band it will be even better.

Tea infusor

Look how cute this tea infuser is! Tea lovers will love this infuser shaped like the classic yellow submarine. To use just open it, add the dry herb, and soak in hot water.


Book is also a really cool option. We leave three very interesting options for you to choose.


Another different and very creative idea for the Beatles fan! A puzzle, which can be a frame after assembled.


A beautiful bag for your friend who is a fan of this iconic group!

decorative tile

Another decorative option is tile. This one in the photo measures 15×15 cm and is a great gift tip.


This notebook comes with some themed stickers from the most famous band! It’s a small notebook for a big fan!


For Beatles lovers, a special Lego! You can give one and your friend can buy the others later and form four pictures, one with each member of the group.

decorative plate

The decorative plate is also another very interesting gift idea, and at a lower cost.


A more than special CD, during the last week of May 1968, the Beatles recorded acoustic demos for 27 songs. Known as the Esher Demos, all 27 recordings are included on this CD, originating from the original four-channel tapes.

This Deluxe 3CD set is presented in an embossed digipak with the fold-out poster and photos, plus a 24-page booklet.

baby body

If your friend (a) beatlemaniac just had a baby, know that you can find beautiful children’s bodysuits or t-shirts for children with themes related to the band.

collectible doll

A special edition featuring the members of the most famous band of all time! A super cool gift idea!

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