25 Creative Gift Ideas for the Boss

Want to present your boss with a creative birthday present, or a gift in appreciation for promotion, learning, or other professional opportunities? One tip is to use common sense to avoid embarrassing gifts and the cool thing is to look for more creative or neutral gifts, especially if you don’t know her tastes very well.

To help you with this task, we’ve lovingly prepared a list of 25 creative gift ideas. Now just look at this list and choose the ideal gift for your boss! Check out!!

Fountain pen

A beautiful and elegant fountain pen is a great gift idea. There are many beautiful models, like the one in the photo, which is made of luxury bamboo wood.


For chefs who love coffee or tea, the tip is to opt for a personalized mug. There are several models to choose from, from the most neutral to the fun ones.


For those women who are voracious readers, a book is always a good suggestion. The tip is to bet on a new title by the favorite author or look for something within her area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest. It might even be something that has to do with a professional career, for example.


Another idea for book lovers is sideboards. It’s a pretty cool gift for bosses who have a bunch of books on their desks, for example.

permanent agenda

The permanent diary is a great gift idea, very creative as it can be used any time of the year. With a wide variety of models to choose from, with cover, leather, etc.

table organizer

A table organizer kit is also a really cool gift option for your boss.

executive briefcase

Another very useful item to give your boss is the executive briefcase. Ideal for carrying documents, papers, contracts, etc.

card holder

The card holder is a creative gift idea! Look for different models, like the one in the photo above. Useful yet adds a charm to the work table.

artificial flower vase

Flowers are always welcome, but you need to get the tone right. Today there are excellent quality artificial flowers that are a great option. The ideal is to prefer small vases with delicate flowers, which can even decorate the work environment. Make the most of the thank you card and you’re done.


For the chef who appreciates wine, this might be a great idea. Choose a quality wine, within your budget. The most expensive wines are not always the best. There are some good options at affordable prices. There are kits like the one in the photo, where a glass accompanies the wine.


Scarves and scarves are always in fashion. Whether in summer or winter, there are hundreds of ways to use them. If you’ve noticed that your boss likes this accessory, it’s a great gift idea. Just notice which types of prints she prefers so you don’t go wrong.

gift basket

These baskets are great ways to thank and please someone, making the day start in a special way. You can choose between the breakfast basket and the gift baskets, which can come with wine or beer and treats.

Thermal cup

The chef who loves coffee will enjoy getting a thermos cup. There are hundreds of print options, choose the one that best matches her style.

cream kit

Another creative and delicate gift idea is the cream kit. This, for example, comes with shower gel, body exfoliating cream and moisturizing cream.

Picture frame

Who doesn’t love picture frame? To place your favorite photo, of your family, your boyfriend, of a trip, there are so many to choose from! Get the present right with this idea!

Table lamp

Table lamps are great, especially for those who like to work at night or those who like to read a lot and need extra light. It’s a very useful item and a very different and creative gift. Some models even have smartphone support.


A delicate and always pleasing gift is the bracelet. Choose a model that matches your boss’s style and you’re done!


Another creative gift idea for your boss is the bookmark. With several models to choose from, choose one that matches your boss’s style.


Every woman needs and uses toiletries on a daily basis to carry personal care and makeup items. Find a practice and look like your boss, and surprise her with this simple but super useful gift.

bath kit

The bath kit is a great gift idea for your boss! With products to make bath time more relaxing and fragrant. It is guaranteed to please.

table ornament

Would your boss like some worktable decorations? It could be something that has to do with her profession, or those pendulums that are said to help her concentration and creativity.

cup game

The bowl set is a gift your boss can use at the office or at home. A creative and elegant gift idea.


Women love to be perfumed! Find out your chef’s scent preference and get the present right.


Everyone likes to come home and relax their feet in a good slipper! How about giving your boss a nice and comfortable slipper?

Single coffee maker

What a cool gift idea that still fits in your pocket. The single coffee maker is very easy to use, just use the measuring spoon, choose the amount of coffee, turn on the coffee maker and in a few minutes the coffee will be ready! With an innovative design, this coffee maker is versatile and was developed especially for those who like freshly brewed coffee, with the ideal temperature and flavor of the drink.

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