25 Gift Ideas for Breaking Bad Fans

The American series was not only successful in the United States, but also won the hearts of Brazilians since its release here. The story of bored and frustrated chemistry professor Walter White, who has several family problems, is transformed after the diagnosis of a serious lung disease. With that, he ends up embracing the life of crime to try to pay off hospital debts and give his family a better life.

Breaking Bad is a term used to say something like “kick the stick out of the tent” or “throw it all in the air”. In the series, that’s what the main character does, completely changing his lifestyle and starting to act in the world of drug trafficking. You can already understand why so much success, isn’t it?

So, let’s check out the gift tips that will make any Breaking Bad fan’s head snap.


Ordinary mugs everyone can have loads of them, but only a true fan of the series will have a mug like the one in the photo we selected. Amazing, don’t you think?!

Long sleeve shirt

Who is the fan who doesn’t like to walk around with their favorite series image stamped on their chest. The best part about choosing a t-shirt as a gift is that you can give several, with different prints and designs. The options are numerous.

short sleeve t-shirt

Or if you prefer, there are prints from the series on the short-sleeved t-shirt. Which will you choose?


If you are going to give the gift in cold and winter times, then the best option, without a doubt, is to choose a sweatshirt from the series. After all, everyone likes sweats, especially with a print like that.


Even on the coaster the Breaking Bad series print for the true fan!

Cutting board

Everyone has that cook friend, don’t they? If that’s the case for whoever you’re planning to give away, the meat chopping board is a great suggestion. Plus, it can simply hang on the wall to decorate the kitchen.


If your (a) friend (a) is a fan of the series, how about a painting?


Continuing the line of decor items, now for the entrance to the fan house, the series themed doormat!


Decor items are always good ideas to give people, especially those who have very specific tastes, as is the case with fans. See how awesome this pillow from the Breaking Bad series.


It’s not hard to find custom slippers options. Fans of the series will probably love the idea of ​​having a slipper like this and all you have to do is find out the shoe number.

Cover for video game control

Is your friend Breaking Bad fan also a video game fan? So this could be the ideal gift option: a video game controller cover! Be careful with the print from the favorite series.

Cellphone case

For many people, a cell phone case is like clothes, you have to change it every day. If the person you are going to give it to loves to change their capes, give them a really cool Breaking Bad gift, like the one in the photo.

Vinyl disc

Does the Breaking Bad fan have a record player? So the coolest option is to present a vinyl with the songs from the series.


Another option is the books in the series, they have several titles, which will you choose?


How about the full series in Blue-ray? Super gift for the fan!

Board game

Look what a different idea! A board game based on the series! Another nice gift tip.

Funky Pop

The fan will love getting a Funko Pop from the creator and producer of the series he/she likes the most! Vince Gilligan

Movie: The path

Fans of the series will like this film, by the same director and tells the story of the character Jesse Pinkman, after the death of Walter White. Good gift tip!


The mousepad with the print of the series is another cool gift tip for the fan.

Trinket Box

For the decoration of the work table or study, the trinket holder is a good gift idea for the fan.

Dust Cover and Skin for Xbox One S Slim

For the fan who also loves video games, this case and skin for the Xbox console and controllers is a really cool gift!

Breaking Bad cookbook

This book is for the fan to learn how to cook the various recipes that were used in the series.


How about a hat like Walter White’s?

Breaking Bad Trivia: Trivia Quiz Game Book

For the fan to test their knowledge of the series, this Quiz is perfect!

Skin Sticker for PS4 Control

Look how cool this skin for the control of Play4! To customize your controller with a print from your favorite series.

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