20 gift ideas for graduates

Graduation graduation is always a very special moment, it is the realization of a dream and the beginning of a new stage in life, especially in the professional career. If you have a friend who is graduating, whatever the profession, and you want to give him (a) a special gift, you have found the right place.

Today we’re going to give you several cool tips for giving a graduate gift. First of all, you must take into account the person’s education profession, then the gift will be easy to choose. Here are the ideas we have prepared to help you in this task.


After a long time of study, graduation is the consecration of all the effort and dedication. The graduation ring, for many is still something traditional, comes as a way to symbolize this achievement. It’s a great gift, and there are models of men’s and women’s rings.


The bracelet is a very cool gift idea, you can choose from several models and it will be a gift to mark this very important moment in the trainee’s life.


Another cool idea are the pendants with symbols of the person’s training area. It has practically every profession and everything you have to do and find the right pendant.

table sculpture

Table sculpture with the theme of the profession is a very cool idea and can be used in the workplace or in the trainee’s home, for decoration.


Keyrings are simpler, but also nice and useful gifts. After all, everyone uses a keyring to keep their keys to their home, car, workplace and so on. Also, many people like to use key chains on the zippers of bags and bags.


Everyone uses mugs on a daily basis, but those who love tea or coffee throughout the day use even more. For these people the tip is to give a personalized mug with the training profession.

To paste

The necklace as a graduation gift is also a great idea. You can choose with the theme of the profession or with the year of graduation and the plaque with some encouraging words.

Picture frame

Another really cool idea is the picture frame with a symbol of the profession. For a special touch at home or at work.


These shirts are really cool. It has all professions. You can bet it’s the right choice to gift a recent graduate.


Gifting with a book is always an excellent option! After graduation there is still a long way to go and a good read can help on this journey. Choose titles that will encourage this journey or books from the field in which he (a) graduated.


Pens are cool professional symbols for gifting someone. It may have engraved the person’s name or profession. It is certainly something that will be used in the daily work and also a very symbolic gift.

executive briefcase

How about an executive folder to give to the trainee? There are several options, in leather, fabric, specific for carrying a notebook or any other work material.

gift basket

The gift basket is a really cool option for gifting the graduate. Celebrate the big achievement with treats and delicious drinks.

Diary / Planning

A creative idea is the diary, which can be used as a diary notebook, travel notebook, writing notebook, business journal, guest book, personal organizer, planning journal, etc. Choose one with durable material that is easy to transport. This one in the photo is in European vintage style.


What a cute and really cool idea to give the trainee and remember such an important moment.


Cufflinks are unique items and will be able to be worn for a long time. With writing from the trainee’s profession, it gets even better and it’s unisex!


Another cool clothing idea is the hoodies. The sweatshirts with professional prints are beautiful and, of course, will be worn a lot by whoever wins. After all, who isn’t proud to show off their chosen profession for life?


Regardless of the chosen profession, graduates will always have material to read and keep up-to-date, or even to study for a postgraduate or master’s degree. With kindle, you’ll be able to read without distractions, mark snippets, improve vocabulary with the dictionary, translate words and adjust font size without having to leave the page. And you’ll even be able to choose from thousands of books and store them in the library, which fits in your hands.

Thermal cup

The thermal cup with the profession is an option that will be used a lot! To take to work and always have hot tea/coffee or iced juice/tea.


The wristwatch is a practical and super useful fashion accessory, especially for those who don’t like it and can’t miss the time. It can be a great gift idea for a graduate.

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