21 Gift ideas for a musician friend

Being friends with a musician is going through various situations to support his music career. Go to the shows and take the audience, give an opinion and share the new songs, know that any meeting of friends is a reason to pick up the guitar and sing, cheer a lot for him to become famous and remain his best friend.

To celebrate your friendship, we have selected 21 gift suggestions:

Foot support for guitarists

A foot support at the time of playing the guitar favors good posture and gives an extra charm at the time of the show.

Music Cushion

Pillow with music-related prints is a beautiful, comfortable gift, and your friend can take it everywhere he performs.

T-shirt with sheet music

This T-shirt with a musical score that we found at Netshoes is very beautiful.

Long-lasting pencil

If it’s your friend who wants to pursue a music career, makeup that doesn’t melt during the show is a good option. If he is your friend, he can follow the rock style and make more expressive eyes.


It is not enough to have only musical talent, you must have style. This boots from Centauro gives an extra touch to the outfit.

Keune texture cream

This textured cream is ideal for creating amazing looks and rocking everywhere.

Myths DVD Series – Michael Jackson & Prince

Every beginner musician needs an idol to be inspired. How about encouraging your friend’s talent with a DVD of the biggest pop stars in the history of international music?


What other way to encourage a friend who wants to become the next pop star than to give him or her a guitar?

Antiperspirant deodorant

Performing at a show makes you sweat a lot and you can’t get famous if fans don’t want to get close. An antiperspirant protection for 48 hours and with a smell of hazelnut and cassis is what this deodorant from Natura promises.

Tuner for guitar and acoustic guitar

A great help with quick and precise tunings for guitar, guitar and bass, with several functions and built-in microphone.

Sound box

USB bluetooth amplifier speaker with microphone.

Music Arrangement Book

Knowing musical arrangements is important when composing new songs and trying to score a success. The book “Practical Method Arrangement, v.1 Including Review of the Elements of Music” is an introduction to music theory.


When your friend gets famous, he’ll need sunglasses to go out on the street. Or to hide dark circles for spending the night in the dark. Here’s a suggestion from Centauro.

Shakira Perfume

While you don’t have a perfume with your name on it, your friend can be devastating with the perfume of Shakira that we found at Sephora.

Canon DSLR Digital Camera

Your friend can produce videos with this camera found there at Walmart and post the songs on YouTube. How many views and likes will he get?

Music Notebook

Notebook for musical notation with notions of musical bookkeeping, theory and cipher.

Hand moisturizer

The musician uses his hands a lot, to write the songs, to play, to hold the microphone, to sign autographs. Natura has moisturizing hand pulp with chestnut oil that leaves hands soft and fragrant.

Headphone supra headset

Perfect for anyone who works with music, it allows you to hear musical chords in different notes, hear the artist’s voices and timbre, without interference.

Wireless headset

For more freedom of movement, wireless and with a range of 15 mm and 10 hours of duration.

Microphone for musical instruments

Another item that will give that up in the sound output. A microphone for musical instruments.

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