21 Gift ideas for gamer boyfriend

Video games and, mainly, online games are more and more in fashion, some even have world championships broadcast on television, with a World Cup structure (or even better). The market for gamers moves billions worldwide and Brazil is one of the countries with the largest number of people who play.

If your boyfriend is a gamer assumed, of those who dedicate hours a day to games, so you need to strive to give a nice gift and mark your presence in his life. See the list we have prepared.

  1. Gamer Pen Holders

This fun mug holder can be perfect for decorating your boyfriend’s office desk or study environment. In addition to being very useful and fun, it has everything to do with those who like games.

  1. Mushroom Note Pads

Even the gamers they may need a notepad, so how about betting on something that has to do with games, like this block with the cover of the red mushroom, from Super Mario Bros ?!

  1. Pac man cereal bowl

For that boyfriend who does not give up taking cereal for breakfast, how about this super fun bowl of Pac Man ?!

  1. Pac Man Doormat

Speaking of Pac Man, this fun doormat is great for decorating the door to the bedroom (or even the home) of a gamer. In fact, decorative items can be good gift ideas for those who want to get a little out of the obvious.

  1. Video Game Control Mug

Anyone who likes teas, hot chocolate and other drinks certainly needs mugs. Then choose one with a fun print that has to do with your boyfriend’s personal taste. If he is a gamer, you will surely love this model.

  1. League of Legends Mug

One of the most popular games today is League of Legends, or simply Lol for the more intimate. If your boyfriend is addicted to this game, how about a mug like this as a gift ?! Complete the gift with some chocolates inside and he will surely love it.

  1. Video Game Control Keychain

Of course one gamer you will prefer to have a key ring like this instead of something common or traditional. He can use it on the wall of the entrance hall or even in the room itself.

  1. Video Game Control Switch

Another legal option is this video game control switch. After all, one gamer you need to print your style on the room decor too How about putting together a kit with these items? I bet he’ll love it.

  1. Video game control

If you think your boyfriend is in need of a new control, for whatever reason, it’s always a nice gift. You just need to know the correct model of your boyfriend’s video game to avoid making mistakes in the present. In the photo below we selected an Xbox controller, just to illustrate.

  1. Headphones

Who plays online games like Counter Strike and League of Legends you need good headphones to communicate with the team and win the games. If your boyfriend’s phone is already old, it’s a great gift suggestion.

  1. Thermosensitive cup

For that boyfriend who does not dispense a glass of cold drink, how about this thermo sensitive glass? Note that when the glass is without the drink, the pets in the game “Pac Man” are extinguished. Very cool!

  1. LOL Cushion Cover

See how amazing this pillow with the cover of one of the League of Legends characters. Find out what your boyfriend’s favorite game is and look for covers or even pillows with prints of the game or characters. He will surely love decorating the bed with this gift.

  1. Sweatshirt World WarCraft

It is also possible to find sweatshirts with super cool game prints, like the one we selected to illustrate our list. Once again, the idea is to discover your beloved’s favorite game gamer and gift him with a sweatshirt with a really cool print.

  1. Wall Sticker God of War

If your boyfriend is the type who loves to put game stuff around the room, he might like the idea of ​​having a favorite game sticker affixed to the wall, like this example in the photo below, with a game sticker God of War.

  1. PVC lamp God of War

If you are finding the wall sticker too bold and improbable, how about this amazing lamp from the game too God of War?! He’ll be able to use it in the bedroom to light up the nights he spends playing games.

  1. T-shirt Counter Strike

Another good gift option is nerd shirts. Currently it is easy to find stores specializing in game prints, like the one we separated to illustrate our text, with the game print Counter Strike.

  1. Cellphone case Counter Strike

Games-printed cell phone cases will also make a gamer, by the way, everything that is a type of accessory for technology items can be great gifts for those who like to play, because they are usually people also very connected in technology.

  1. Frame resident Evil

Maybe you can also present him with a nice picture of his favorite game. It’s great for decorating environments, such as where your boyfriend’s computer is and where he spends hours playing games.

  1. Tetris bottle opener

This gift is perfect for those who like to enjoy a good bottle of beer, as well as playing games. Your boyfriend will always have an opener handy when he is in Happy hour or in a bar with you.

  1. Tetris Niches

These niches are super cool to decorate a room gamer, as they mimic the Tetris game. It can be used to place books, display collectible dolls, or store DVDs of films and video games.

  1. Fashionable Video Game

Try to find out which is the fashion game or which will be released soon and buy as a gift. One gamer you will always enjoy winning games as a gift. In the photo we illustrate with the new “Assassin’s Creed“, Which will be released in October 2017.

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