What you shouldn’t offer a girlfriend

Whether it’s her birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or the date they started dating, it’s always difficult to buy a gift for a woman… unless they’ve known each other for centuries and it’s still not easy! To avoid embarrassing moments and unnecessary tears, know what you shouldn’t offer your girlfriend … but never!

Household appliances. Small or large, they are not the “dream gift” of any woman, even if her toaster or vacuum cleaner has been damaged for centuries and unless she specifically asked for it (in this case it is better to put it in writing!). Even so, it is advisable to stay away from kitchen robots and other gadgets domestic… after all, the woman next to you wants to be seen as sexy and sensual, not like a fairy from home!

Hypermarkets. As beautiful as that pink tracksuit or those Lion King slippers… in reality they are not! In fact, nothing that comes from a hypermarket can be considered a good gift for your girlfriend, not least because her nose is irreproachable: she not only knows all the brands, lines and collections of all large surfaces, but she probably knows the role wrapping paper from the customer service desk. If you receive such a package, you will feel that you did not even think about your gift, bought it seconds before arriving at your dinner and, of course, chose the first minimally feminine thing that popped into view. If you don’t want to sleep on the couch, avoid the temptation to go to the hypermarket!

Expensive gifts just to impress. We should never offer anything that is above our budget, nor should we go into debt because of a gift … even if it is for the love of a woman! OK, she loves that white gold ring and deserves it, but if you don’t have the money to offer it, don’t offer it. In addition to being able to give the wrong impression of your financial situation, it will create very high expectations whenever a gifted occasion arises! It may also be a reason for stress and concern for both – you because you don’t know how you’re going to pay your credit card bill and she because you’re going to feel guilty — and everything together can lead to terrible arguments. Not to mention the fact that the relationship may end in the meantime … have you thought about it? As with any gift it is really the intention that counts!

Something that is really for you. No, no, never! Offering your girlfriend a gift that, in the end, is something you want for yourself – tickets for Benfica-Porto, an LCD for the bedroom or new golf clubs – is what is called a “accurate shot in the foot”… and it will hurt!

Gifts that encourage change. Here we are already talking about dangerous territory, so be very careful! Offer a gym membership, gym equipment, a diet book or a makeover on one spa or aesthetic center will never be welcomed in life. Because? Well, it’s very simple: your girlfriend will think that you don’t like her as she is and that you want to turn her into another woman! In a relationship, this is not the best way to go.

Clothing. If there is anything about which women perceive much more than men, it is fashion. Therefore, it is forbidden to offer clothes to your girlfriend, yes, including that spectacular Coldplay t-shirt or that Hello Kitty pajamas. If women spend hours looking for the shirt and jeans perfect, experimenting, taking, dating, reflecting… to buy just two weeks later, how dare you think you’re going to get it right the first time !?

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