8 tips for gifting native Fish

They came into the world between the 20th of February and the 20th of March, and the western zodiac gave them the sign of Pisces. Dreamers, friendly and loving, with a little creativity and dedication, it will be very easy to make a Pisces smile with your gift, even knowing that these natives like to give more than to receive!

  1. Dreamy and very sensitive, the natives of Pisces love sentimental gifts with a special meaning: a candlelit dinner, a poetry book, romantic CDs or DVDs, a musical jewelry box, soft toys, floral arrangements, aromatic candles or exclusive notebooks for personal projects. Extremely spiritual, they love everything that is wrapped in mysticism: a book of dream interpretation, a good wine or a delicious perfume to elevate body and soul!
  1. Ruled by the water element, the sign Pisces could only reveal people with a deep passion for the sea and marine life, so something that is related to water, fish and dolphins is more than perfect! In this context, they also enjoy enjoying the water they have at home, that is, beautiful baskets with essential oils, bath salts or foam, they are ideal for spending some relaxed moments, dreaming! The strong connection to water also determines the preferred colors of these natives: blues and greens.
  1. Pisces is probably one of the most creative signs of the zodiac (many of the great writers, poets, painters, musicians and composers are Pisces!), So they love everything that is culture: books, art, music, theater and cinema. Any gift that includes a good dose of creativity will be very well received, as well as kits handmade jewelry or building miniature ships and airplanes, for themselves to create – Fish love crafts!
  1. Photography is a great passion of these natives, so why not offer your Pisces a digital camera, a book on the art of photography, passapartouts stylish or original albums to store your favorite photos?
  1. Another favorite hobby is the practice of physical exercise and different sports, especially those that allow contact with water – swimming, surfing, sailing, jet skiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving, rowing, bodyboarding, skiing or water polo – offer a sports gift suited to the taste of your Pisces!
  1. The natives of the sign Pisces rule their feet and here too there are several suggestions for a perfect gift: socks, slippers, slippers, shoes, an ankle bracelet, a kit pedicure, specific foot creams or a professional massage.
  1. Although they are not very attached to money (avoid offering wallets or purses!), Pisces appreciate glamorous gifts, where quality and luxury reign!
  1. Amethyst is the precious stone that identifies these natives, but if you want to offer a “lucky stone”, know that aventurine, hematite and moonstone, are the appropriate ones for those born between 20 and 28 February; pearl, coral and opal, are ideal for those who celebrate their anniversary between 01 and 10 March; aquamarine, sapphire and diamond are the lucky stones for the Pisces that came into the world between the 11th and 20th of March.

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