22 Father’s Day gift ideas for the gourmet dad

The special family lunch is his responsibility. The barbecue, there it is with knife, grill and meat ready. At parties, a special recipe cannot be missing. He makes each dish with dedication and receives many compliments. Did you recognize your father in all situations? In that case, you have a gourmet dad.

And the man who prepares the most delicious dishes deserves a gift that matches this hobby. Machines and accessories may be on your list to congratulate your father on his day.

Let’s go to the suggestions:

Set of Utensils

A good set of utensils is a good gift to start the list. Knives, scissors, sharpeners.

More utensils

These already help when mixing and serving.

Grater Kit

We continue with utensils and put on the list a kit with two graters and two slicers.

Nicer Dicer Plus

A kit with cutter, slicer and manual food processor. Your dad will have fun in the kitchen.

Mini processor

Now, if your hunger can’t wait, a mini processor does the job faster.

Food processor

If you want to give something more complete, this processor has a dough whisk and a juicer.

Digital Kitchen Scale

Some people do it without looking at the recipe and others like to measure the quantities accurately. For the father who counts each grain, a precision electronic digital scale.


It is likely that you already have a blender, but it has 6 speeds that allow more inventions for your father in the kitchen?


The mixer almost works like a blender, only it is more practical, as it does not need to be assembled and can be taken to the pan or wherever your father needs it.

Salt and Pepper Grinder

Your dad will look more like a chef using this grinder to season the dishes with salt or pepper.

Chef BBQ Set

A very nice suitcase, for your father to prepare that barbecue with taste.


Let your dad get inspired with this grill. It is good for barbecue in smaller places.

Pizza Grill

Become a pizzaiolo with this one, creating new pizza recipes.

Pasta machine

And have your own private Italian canteen making lasagna, fettucine and tagliolini with a pasta machine.

Electric cooker

A toy full of advantages for your father. An electric pan that prepares food faster and can be programmed.


If your father has the gift of preparing a divine dough, have you ever wondered if he has a bakery? You should already be mouth watering.


It is much easier to control the time of preparation of the food with a timer. In addition, they are well taken into account.

Superman kitchen glove

A kitchen glove for your gastronomy super hero.

Apron with message

A definition of what a father is.

Automatic mixer

This automatic mixer is really cool, it will give your father extra strength to do more things in the kitchen.

Electric oven

And this electric oven will also be quite a help when your father needs to bake smaller foods.

Silicone Spatula

If you can’t afford to spend a lot at present, these spatulas are a more affordable option, in addition to being quite useful in a kitchen.

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