25 gift ideas for those who love to read

Whenever we are going to give someone a gift, we should think about the person’s style, the things they like to do the most, their profession, their favorite activities to pass the time, and so on. This is a recurring tip here on the blog, by the way. So, if you’ve reached this article, it’s because you’ve already identified that the person you want to give away is a book fan.

In this case, if you want other ideas besides giving a new book, because you’re afraid of making a mistake in choosing the title, or you don’t know so well the person’s taste for literature, we’ve prepared a list of 25 gifts inspired by compulsive readers. Check out!


Lovers of reading love to have a mug of coffee or tea at their side while they read. So gifting with a mug is a great option.


For those who love reading, a really cool option is the digital reader, such as Kindle. Allows you to have a huge library stored, many titles are free and has features that make reading easier, by the correct lighting, you can mark excerpts, adjust the font without leaving the page and many other features.

Kindle Cover

If the person to be gifted already owns the Kindle, a good gift idea is a cover for it. There are many models to choose from and will protect and facilitate handling.

book cushion

The book-shaped pillow is a creative gift idea for anyone who loves to read! To decorate the environment and still have a soft and nice pillow to lean against.


Notebooks are always nice and useful gifts for those who like to read, as, generally, readers like to jot down sentences and some ideas they found between the pages of their books. You bet this is a great gift.

Reading and Tablet Support

To give you greater comfort when reading, how about giving a support like this?

page lamp

This page lamp is pretty cool, especially for those who like to read at night, before going to sleep, and can’t even turn on the lamp so as not to disturb their partner or partner. Great solution.


Those who read need bookmarks, but our tip is to avoid the simple and traditional. Give preference to more fun and creative pieces. There’s one cooler than the other and I’m sure you’ll be pleased.



If your friend has a lot of books at home, he or she will certainly need bookends. So choose one that gives that touch of personality to the environment. You will find many that are inspired by stories from movies and books.

reading lamp

Reading lamps are also great gifts. There are hundreds of different models and colors and you can choose one that looks like your friend. It will be very useful to take anywhere and increase the comfort of the eyes when reading.


T-shirts are another option that will appeal to lovers of reading. Choose the one with the phrase that best matches your (your) friend’s style.

Notebook cover

Although you like books, it is very likely that your friend also likes to read through the notebook. If that’s the case, how about a beautiful case? It’s a very useful gift.

Notebook desk

If the reading lover uses a notebook to read, a support table is a very good idea, as they will be able to read anywhere, without getting tired.


Shelves are also pretty cool, but you need to know if there’s space in the person’s house/bedroom for them to put it. If that’s your gift option, try to find something to give your beloved books more space.

reading pad

What a delight and comfort a reading pad like the one in the photo! Comfort for those who love to read.

Pen holder

Perfect pen holder for reading lovers!


Yes, you can risk giving a gift with books, after all if the person loves to read, getting books is a delight! Reading something different is very good.

Book cover

To protect the book, and keep it fresh while reading, the book cover is a creative and really cool gift option.


Decorating the house with literature items is really cool. There are hundreds of cool, literary-inspired paintings that might please your friend. See the examples we selected.

book lamp

We’ve already shown several light fixtures here, but this one is purely decorative and can look great in your friend’s room. Cool, didn’t you think?

camouflaged safe

How about as a security and decoration item? A camouflaged safe, to store money or as a jewelry box, is a very creative idea for those who love to read.

decorative book boxes

These books work as organizer boxes, to store what you want and still give a touch of charm to the environment.

Necklace with book pendant

What a beautiful necklace, with a book pendant, that opens and where a photo can be placed on each side. A beautiful gift for men and women.


What a grace these book-shaped brooches for your friend who loves to read!

Funky Pop

For lovers of reading, there are several characters from the books in Funko Pop dolls. To make your book collection even more interesting, now with Funko Pop.

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