30 gift ideas for music lovers

Everyone has a friend who is addicted to music, and who is always looking for new sounds, new bands, or simply worshiping older and more classic songs. To give a gift to a music lover, whatever your friend’s favorite style is, the idea is to look for something within the theme. If he likes country people, for example, there are many clothes that are part of the style. The same can be said of rockers or people who enjoy electronic music.

Want some more cool gift ideas for someone who is addicted to listening (or playing) music? So check out the list of 30 very creative ideas that we’ve prepared to help you out.

band shirt

Let’s start with the most classic gift of all, the T-shirts of bands, singers, duos, song lyrics and so on. There’s a lot of cool stuff, and it’s pretty easy to find, especially in online stores.

Picture frame

A cool idea for music lovers is the thematic portrait.


T-shirts with music themes are very varied, you can choose the one that will most please the person being given.


Mugs are nice gifts, especially when you find themed prints. Which one would you like the most?

Bluetooth headset

Headphones for that friend who loves music and doesn’t want to disturb anyone with the volume of the sound. Anyone who loves listening to music will certainly enjoy getting a headphone of these more sophisticated and with good sound quality.

mouse pad

Mouse pads are simple gifts, but really cool when you know how to choose the print. How about one with a music theme?

earphone mask

How about adding comfort with music even at bedtime? The mask earpiece allows you to listen to music and be in comfort when you go to sleep or just want to relax in the dark. You can adjust the speakers to fit snugly in your ear.


Look how cool these pillows are! There are several cool options and you will certainly find one that suits your friend. It’s a great gift to add that touch of personality to a person’s home decor.

record player

For music lovers, a record player is the perfect gift! There are several models and prices to choose from.


Lps are a very cool gift option for your friend who has a record player. What kind of music is your favorite? Rock, jazz, pop rock, national? Discover and choose right!


A cool idea and not that expensive are the musical-themed brooches.

Funky Pop

For collectors and music lovers, another gift option are the Funko Pop dolls. Choose your favorite one and go!


The sweatshirt is a perfect gift to give someone during the coldest times of the year. Sure that whoever receives it will use a lot. Just remember to pick the right print, the band or the person’s favorite music style.

Bluetooth speaker

The speaker is a perfect option for music lovers. With varied models and even waterproof. To listen on the go!


For music lovers, every musical themed detail is always a good gift idea. How about a key ring?


Keyrings look like simple gifts, but they are very useful in our daily lives. After all, everyone uses them for keys, or hanging from zippers on bags and backpacks. It’s a really cool gift, especially if you find it in the form of instruments or even musical notes.


Pictures are great for anyone who is a fan of a musician, band and so on. Choose a nice frame and preferably one that you know will fit on the wall of the person’s bedroom, living room, or other room. Anyone who is very passionate about music, certainly likes to decorate their house with items like this.


These chains are beautiful and can also turn the heads of music lovers. There are dozens of cool options, just like keyrings. You just need to choose the model that best matches the person you are giving a gift.

wall stickers

There are lots of creative and cool music-themed gifts on the internet, among them, wall stickers are a great gift option. To decorate the living room, bedroom, whatever environment you prefer.


Does your friend love reading as well as listening to music? So look how nice this sideboard in vinyl record format. It’s a great way to give someone something different and very creative.


How about a coaster like this? They are completely unusual, useful and will be great to use on visiting days. Everyone who sees it will understand that their owner is a music fan.


Look what a cool idea for those who love music / rock! A personalized apron, your (your) friend will love it.

musical instrument thumbnail

Miniature musical instruments are a different gift idea. What is your friend’s favorite tool? It will give a fun and charming touch to the environment.

Streaming Microphone

Now if the recipient is podcasting, vlogs, voiceovers, music recording or streaming on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook, a streaming microphone is the ideal choice.

Guitar pick

Musical instruments are more expensive items and it’s harder to give one, but items that will help you use the instruments, such as picks, are great gift options.


Do you know you even have custom music mats? There are several different prints. Choose the one that best matches the style of your (your) friend who loves music.

Spotify Premium prepaid card

A good idea for gifting music lovers is the Spotify Premium card. To enjoy many hours of music.


Books are always great gift ideas. Which one would please your friend the most?

DVD show

What is the favorite band, singer and style of the person being presented? Knowing that, just choose a DVD with the show and that’s it! Perfect gift to enjoy and watch many times.

pen drive

And, last but not least, a pen drive with a musical note or in instrument format. It’s useful and really cool and, besides, it doesn’t cost that much.

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