25 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day up to R $ 100.00

Valentine’s Day is a special date to present your love with an affectionate, fun item that represents the couple’s story well, but sometimes we have a shorter budget for that. The important thing is to always keep the couple’s love and harmony, the gift will complement that!

To help you in this search, we have prepared with great care and affection, a list with 25 ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts of up to R $ 100.00, to help you when choosing the ideal item. Take a good look at this list and find the gift that will make your partner happier and more important, feeling the affection and love you have for him / her.


The watch is a widely used accessory and a great gift idea. Choose the model that best suits your boyfriend and make sure it will please.

Light fixture

A table lamp for you to leave romantic messages for your love! Cute and different idea that she (and) will surely like.

Set with 4 bracelets

Gift with jewelry or fine jewelry is sure to please. This model is very delicate and comes with 4 bracelets.

Gin Draco London

For fans of a good drink, giving a bottle of gin is a good option. This one has citrusy and sweet touches at the end.

Beard kit

For bearded lovers, winning a beard kit with shampoo, balm and moisturizing oil will be the perfect gift

Sound box

Music lovers will love getting a Bluetooth speaker. To listen to your favorite music wherever you want.

Swords and Bagpipes board game

For lovers of board games, gifting a game is a really cool option. This figure model is a game of deduction, tactics and betrayal! In it, heroism goes hand in hand with falsehood. Become a Scottish clan leader during the War of Independence and lead your forces against England. Or in favor. After all, whoever supports the Crown is VERY well rewarded. For many hours of fun.

Bath kit

For the bath time to be relaxing and perfect, the bath kit will help a lot. Your girlfriend will love to share these moments with you.


Yes, you can gift tennis shoes for up to R $ 100.00! And a beautiful model that combines with several different styles. This model has 7 different colors for you to choose the one that will most please your boyfriend.


Nothing tastier than a (a) scented girlfriend (o)! Item that always appeals to those who win and those who gift.

Bedside lamp

Beautiful table lamp or headboard, this piece will brighten and decorate the environment of the living room, bedroom, office, wherever you want to use. A different and tasteful option for Valentine’s Day.


Primer is an item that makes the most perfect makeup. It will disguise the pores and expression lines, leaving the skin soft, smooth and with a much more natural and healthy foundation. Your girlfriend will love it!


The t-shirt is one of the most used items by most people, so giving your boyfriend a beautiful model, is to hit the nail on the head!


Have you ever heard of a woman complaining because she had too many shoes? No, because they love to get shoes! And nothing better than giving something that we know she will like, after all the idea is to show love and affection through the present.

Soccer ball

For soccer fans lovers, a ball from the favorite team is a good gift option. Choose the team of the heart and you are right in the present.

Bonbon in mug

The chocoholics on duty will love this gift! Caramel candies in a beautiful mug and with a light touch of salt.


To protect from the sun’s rays and still give a charm to the look, gift with sunglasses. This model is unisex and has UVA and UVB protection.


The backpack is a widely used accessory, so you can choose as a gift option, that you will surely like your girlfriend!

Emotional Intelligence

How about a book as a gift? In this book the author describes the five key skills of emotional intelligence and shows how they determine our success in relationships and work, and even our physical well-being. Parents, teachers and business leaders will feel the value of this overwhelming vision of human potential. Fascinating and enriching reading.


Very cute sweater for you to give your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day! She will be beautiful.

Headphone gamer

For gaming lovers, a headset is a great gift option. Ideal for communication during games.

Board / flat iron

Your girlfriend will love to get a board as a gift. It facilitates to fix the hair and this model has steam outlets, can be used with damp or dry hair. It has ceramic coating, protecting the hair and leaving it healthy.

Backpack for notebook

Perfect for carrying your notebook and supplies for work or college. Sure to please your boyfriend with this gift.

Thermal cup

To take anywhere, the thermal cup is a very practical and useful item. This one with a romantic message is very cute and your boyfriend will love it!

Teddy bear

Lots of cuteness for your love! The teddy bear never goes out of style and is always a romantic gift option.

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