25 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day up to R$50.00

Date expected by all lovers, Valentine’s Day is a day for you to give a gift to one of the most important people in your life. And sometimes it can be difficult to choose the ideal gift. We want something remarkable, that shows all the affection and love we feel for the loved one and on some occasions, we can’t spend a lot and that’s no reason not to give a special gift. But how to do this?

We’ve prepared a list of 25 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, spending up to R$50.00, which will help you choose what your love will most like! Just search the list and choose the one that best matches your (your) beloved and Happy Valentine’s Day!


How about a super romantic keychain for Valentine’s Day? Each one has one and when together, they complete each other, just like you!

heart pillow

How about giving your heart to your love? This very cute pillow will represent the gesture you have already made, leaving your heart with the person you love.

Extraordinary Letters Book

In this book, the author writes about love, reveals the deepest desires of the heart through 30 love letters from famous authors such as Machado de Assis, Paulo Mendes Campos, John Steinbeck, Simone de Beauvoir, Ludwig van Beethoven, Frida Kahlo, Johnny Cash, Nelson Mandela and many others. It portrays what it means to love and be loved. A gift idea that will please anyone who loves to read.

golden rose

Giving flowers is still very romantic, especially when the flower will stay forever, like this beautiful rose, handmade and gold leaf. Gift that will decorate the environment of your girlfriend’s house and represent the love you have for her.


Mug with declaration of love will definitely please your lover! A cute gift that will be used a lot.

Eyeshadow palette

Giving a makeup item is making the right choice! A palette of eyeshadows will make your girlfriend even more beautiful and ready to go out, day or night.


Fragrant boyfriend is very good! How about a perfume to give your love? Choose the fragrance that best suits him and get the gift right.


Your girlfriend will love getting a fine jewelry like this bracelet! Gifting with accessories is a guarantee of making the right choice.


One item that never hurts is the handbag, women love to vary the models of handbags, so you can choose to give your girlfriend one that will make the right choice!

shaving gel

For your boyfriend to shave more easily, as it is a transparent gel, which will give full visibility to the area to be shaved, thus enabling the perfect contour of the beard. He will love it!

Notebook support

To have a better posture when working or studying and spend hours in front of the notebook, a support will be the perfect choice to give your love. It corrects the user’s line of sight to the notebook screen, relieving strain on the cervical region and helping to prevent fatigue in the lower back, neck and neck. The stand also keeps the notebook at an elevated level of the table, allowing free air circulation below the device.


One item that never goes out of style and it’s always great to get a new one is the wallet. Your boyfriend will love getting one!


For your super girlfriend a very cute gift! The pillow with phrase and which even has space to put your photo on the back of the pillow. It’s impossible not to love!

Picture frame

Special photo frame for your boyfriend! Very cool idea and that will leave its mark for your love.

Bike thermos

If your boyfriend is a bike fan, he’ll love this exclusive bike bottle. With internal aluminum reservoir to keep the temperature and 4 color options to choose from.


Beautiful retro-style wallet for your girlfriend. Super essential item and widely used in everyday life. This model has 3 color options. Or choose a model that best matches your girlfriend’s style.

DVD Sting

For Sting fans, this Dvd will be the perfect gift. With a mix between his latest album and hits old and new, band and solo, sting is joined on stage by his son, Joe Sumner, members of the last bandoleros and his backing band.

Kadov Cranberry Vodka

For those who like pure vodka or a variety of drinks, this is the perfect gift!

Océane Facial Cleansing Sponge

The facial cleansing sponge is an everyday item for women. It takes care of the skin, eliminating impurities and leaving the skin ready to rest overnight. Precise gift!


For the boyfriend who is a fan of superheroes, the sock with the print will be a great gift idea.


The slipper is an item that everyone wears and deserves to be comfortable and beautiful! Perfect gift for your boyfriend to relax and enjoy resting his feet.

Safe frame

A different gift that will help the couple save for a trip. The safe frame is a perfect idea for you who are planning a trip. This model is for a table and will still be a beautiful piece of decoration.


Most women can’t live without a lipstick, if your girlfriend is one of these, giving one would be a perfect idea! Just choose the color she likes the most and that’s it.

kit with chocolates

For white chocolate lovers, this will be the most pleasing gift!

bodybuilding gloves

If your boyfriend is a fan of bodybuilding, this is a gift that will please you! He’ll make sure his hands don’t get hurt when doing the weight training exercises he likes the most.

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