25 late gift ideas for women

Did you forget a friend’s birthday or delay your relatives’ holiday gift? Don’t worry, even late, gifts are always welcome and everyone loves to win. Even if you are told that it is inelegant to give a gift after the date of the celebration, do not worry about this kind of grit. What counts is to carefully choose to compensate for the wait.

Check out some cool gift ideas for women below and don’t forget to write a fun and creative card to apologize for being late.

  1. Skirts, blouses, pants and clothes in general

Yea! All women love to get clothes as a gift at any time of the year. The tip is to research and observe her personal taste well and be careful not to err in size. Avoid this blunder more.

  1. Make-up kit

If your friend or person you want to gift loves makeup, bet on a basic kit, with lipstick (women always need new colors), eyelash mask and a small eyeshadow case.

  1. Makeup case

Another cool idea is the makeup cases. They are great for organizing items and there are incredibly beautiful options. If you can put some accessories inside it, even better.

  1. Makeup brushes kit

And since we are talking about makeup, brushes are also important and all women need them to be able to give that neatness in make-up and look like a professional job.

  1. Perfumes, creams and cosmetics

Items like perfumes and creams are always welcome too. After all, they run out and there is always a need to replace. If you know what her favorite perfume is, don’t risk choosing the wrong one and bet on it. Even if she already has one, the favorite is always the most used and usually ends quickly.

  1. Earrings, chains and bracelets

Fashion accessories help to highlight the beauty of women and, therefore, they love to win them as a gift. Just be careful to choose a piece that matches her style and personality.

  1. Nécessaire bag

Handbags like these are useful for carrying everyday cosmetics and also for carrying in travel bags. Put a note or card inside and that’s it. It’s a great gift.

  1. Flip flops and sandals

In summer women wear slippers and more open sandals a lot. How about, for example, looking for someone on board and personalizing? So you can apologize by saying that you really care about her gift.

  1. High-heeled shoes

For women who like heels, do not rule out this possibility. It is useful both for day-to-day work and for those who like it and are always at parties and clubs. Again, the tip is to think about the style that the person uses most.

  1. Bag for parties or day to day

A very cool idea and easy to find anywhere are the bags. Women always need bags that match different clothes and occasions. You can either bet on something classic for everyday life, or something more elegant for parties and special occasions.

  1. Female wallet

Thinking of something more affordable and as beautiful and functional as a purse? So the bet should be on the wallets. You can find really cool and practical models for slightly more affordable prices.

  1. Nail polish with message

Now, if you are really short on cash, but want to give something symbolic and useful at the same time, this can be a very interesting idea. Choose a pretty nail polish color and, next to it, put a card with congratulations and apologies for the little delay.

  1. Sunglasses

Especially in the summer season, sunglasses are widely used and beloved fashion accessories for women. If you’re not sure which model to choose, a gift certificate from an eyeglass store is a good idea too.

  1. Women’s wristwatch

Or, who knows, your friend may prefer and like a new wristwatch. Watches are also used to match clothes, so it’s not bad to have more than one.

  1. Flowerpot or bouquet of flowers

Not all women like to win flowers, but those who do love love! If you know your friend likes flowers, make sure you choose the teddy bear and the chocolate too.

  1. Box of chocolates

What better than chocolates to apologize for being late for something? It is always a great idea to give people chocolates, especially if you want to sweeten the life of the one who will be presented.

  1. Favorite Books

Who likes to read, is always in search of a new title and loves to win books as a gift. Try to find out what kind of literature the person is interested in and take care in choosing the book. I’m sure she won’t even mind getting the gift late.

  1. Reading kit

Or, if you find it very difficult to get the book right, how about a reading kit that you can create yourself. Place items such as bookmarks, mug, page lantern.

  1. Favorite series DVD or Blu-Ray box

If your friend likes TV series, or movies, bet on a nice box, like those of collectors. She will surely fall in love.

  1. Home cinema style kit

Or a creative kit for the cinema-crazy friend. Place a bucket of popcorn, with a bag of popcorn, glasses and other goodies. You can also bet on a cushion like the one in the photo, with support for popcorn and cups.

  1. Nerd thermal cup

Glasses with characters from movies and series are also very cool and please almost all girls. Choose one with some fun print and one that she likes.

  1. Gift wine kit

For women who like good drinks, the tip is a good bottle of wine accompanied by glasses. Or, who knows, even special bottles of beer, if she prefers. Maybe you can drink and toast together.

  1. Creative picture frame

For friends who like decorative items and fill the house with photos, how about a different and cool picture frame like the one in the photo below?

  1. Fluffy and personalized pillows

Another tip for decorating lovers are cushions. It is very easy to find fun options and even customize these pieces.

  1. Handmade gifts

And, as our last suggestion, how about doing something yourself? This pot full of special wishes and dreams can bring a lot of positive energy and joy to your friend. Not to mention that things made by hand always have a special value.

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