30 gift ideas for teachers

One of the most important professions for society is the profession of teachers. After all, they play an important role in the formation of people, not only teaching subjects, but also guiding ethical and moral concepts, helping to develop critical opinions and respect for differences, among many other things.

Therefore, when it comes to thanking the work and dedication of this professional, students should be careful in the present. Simple and creative ideas are the best options. Check out a list of 30 gift suggestions for teachers.

  1. Water bottles

Because they work with their voices and need to speak all day, teachers always need to hydrate their vocal cords by drinking water. In fact, most of these professionals live with a small bottle of water on the classroom table. So a good quality or personalized squeeze can be a good gift idea.

  1. Thermal cup

Another cool idea is the thermos cups, which are used to keep drinks hot or cold for longer. Ideal for teachers who love to drink tea or coffee, for example. If your teacher is a fan of any character or movie / series, look for glasses with the theme. In the photo below we selected the Wonder Woman cup.

  1. Personalized mugs

The mugs are also great suggestions, especially when they are personalized, with phrases for teachers. See how amazing the option below, with the phrase “Profe, your classes are the best”.

  1. Cup rest

Or maybe a cup rest kit? In the market you will find several cool and fun options, like the ones in the photo below, that imitate vinyl records. Another legal option is for students to create pillows themselves, for example, using toothpicks of sorts. Teachers love to receive gifts that were made by their students.

  1. Custom cushion

There are several stores that accept orders to customize pillows, but you will also find options like the one in the photo below in online stores. The pillows are great gifts and your teacher will surely love it.

  1. Calendar or notebooks

At the end of the year, calendars are great gift options and notepads can be given at any time of the year. Every teacher needs these items to organize day-to-day tasks and also to write down ideas and inspirations. I don’t know any teachers who don’t like stationery.

  1. Handmade card

Children can bet on handmade cards to thank and gift their teachers. So the child will also be showing some of the skills he developed in class. Just to illustrate, we took a really cool idea, where the flower is the children’s hands and the phrase says “Thank you for helping me grow”.

  1. Pen kit

Teachers use pens all the time and the whole year, so this is the kind of gift that never hurts. The basic colors, like blue, black and red, are great and very useful.

  1. Pen case

And how about taking the opportunity to also present your teacher with a beautiful case. This is the kind of thing that every year teachers need a new one.

  1. Pencil holder

Or maybe you prefer to give the pens inside a beautiful pencil holder. One tip is to bet on the pieces that the student himself can make, such as those made of ice cream sticks.

  1. Bags or backpacks

To carry the books and materials needed for day-to-day work, teachers need good bags, preferably large ones. Choose side bags or backpacks, according to your teacher’s style and personal taste.

  1. Notebook cover

Teachers also use the notebook a lot for classes or even to manage their tasks and, therefore, carry this equipment up and down all the time. Notebook covers are great for protecting and also helping to carry it wherever you need it.

  1. pen drive

Pen drives are also great gifts for teachers. Look for a different one, like these cute owls. In fact, owls are the symbol of wisdom and, therefore, have everything to do with teachers.

  1. Books

Books are always great gift options for everyone who loves to read. And that teacher doesn’t like to read, right? Try to find a book in the style of literature that your teacher likes and hit the nail on the head with an incredible gift.


Bookmarks are great, especially those where you can take notes and bookmarks. It will be very useful for your teacher, you can be sure.

  1. Bookcase

Another great idea is the book sideboards, which you will easily find in bookstores and decoration stores. There are incredible and creative options that are sure to please your teacher.

  1. Organizing boxes

Organizing boxes are great for storing class materials and filing old things, but they are still important. If the student is willing, he can try to create a handmade organizing box.

  1. Folding Folders

Another thing that is very useful for teachers are these folding folders, which can also be great gifts to help organize day to day activities.

  1. Paper weight

Paper weights are useful and are also pieces that help decorate the work table of professionals. Look for beautiful pieces to give to your teacher.

  1. Chocolate boxes or kits

Most people love chocolate, so this is a gift that is often very successful. If your teacher fits this profile, look in chocolate stores for kits with chocolates, truffles, etc.

  1. Flower pots

In addition to being a very delicate gift, the flower pots are great gifts for people who like to care for flowers and plants. The cool idea of ​​the photo below is to paint the vase with that chalkboard paint, where you can write a message for the teacher.

  1. Breakfast baskets

Students can get together and create a beautiful breakfast basket, with some cookies, juices and so on. Certainly the teacher will love to receive this surprise early.

  1. Picture frames

Picture frames are great gifts. Make yourself a picture frame and post a picture of the class or a picture of the student with the teacher.

  1. T-Shirts for Teachers

There are some stores, both physical and online, that make special T-shirts for various professions. Look for a model with a very nice phrase to give to your teacher and don’t miss the size.

  1. Beauty kit

Every woman likes to take care of herself and win gifts for caring people. Kits with deodorants, perfumes, sabotes, are always welcome.

  1. Hand cream

Teachers’ hands deserve special attention, especially those who still work in schools that use blackboard and chalk.

  1. Face towels

Every professional who spends all day away from home needs a hygiene kit to carry and he cannot miss a face cloth. How about giving your teacher an embroidered and fun towel like the one in the photo below?

  1. Bag Nécessaire

In this same sense, nécessaire bags are also very useful gifts for teachers.

  1. Jewelry, semi-jewels or jewels

Earrings, rings and bracelets are gifts that most women like to get. If you’ve noticed that your teacher likes these accessories, it might be a good gift idea.

  1. Jewelry case

If you are not sure which jewelery models to choose, how about giving her a beautiful jewelry box?

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