30 gift ideas for valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is a date expected by all lovers! A day for you to give a gift to one of the most important people in your life. And sometimes it can be difficult to choose the ideal gift. We want something remarkable, that demonstrates all the affection and love we feel for the loved one.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of 30 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, which will help you choose what your love will most like! Just search the list and choose the one that best matches your (your) beloved and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Female watch

Who doesn’t count the minutes to be with the loved one? And your girlfriend will be more beautiful and prepared for every minute with you, with a beautiful watch. Choose the model that best matches her style and get the gift right.

echo dot with alexa

A gift to please and leave the house of your (your) boyfriend (a) more modern is an Echo Dot with Alexa. There are loads of functions like: playing music, answering questions, reading the news, checking the weather, creating alarms, controlling compatible smart home devices and much more. You will get it right with this gift.

Support for Echo Dot

A very cute gift idea that will match your boyfriend’s Echo Dot is this Echo Dot holder. Different and will add a fun touch to the decor. Even more so if he’s a Star Wars fan.


If your (your) girlfriend (o) likes to read, the Kindle is the ideal gift. Thinner and with an anti-glare screen, you can read as if it were on paper. Waterproof and with a capacity of 8GB or 32GB.

record player

For lovers of vinyl records, this is the perfect gift. With a retro touch, it will provide many moments of good music.

50 Years of Rolling Stone book

For rock lovers and those who love reading in English, this book tells the story of the great rock stars, from the 60’s to the present day. With interviews and photos, it is a book with the main memories of the magazines that defined American music for generations.

lamp tree

How about giving a different decoration item that will give a special touch to your girlfriend’s house? This lampshade lamp has 48 white LEDs

and malleable branches so it can be adjusted the way you want.


Perfume is always a great gift idea. Choose the fragrance that best matches the style of (the) your (your) girlfriend (the) and the choice will be right!

gift basket

A beautiful gift basket is a very romantic option for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy and share the love and delights that fill the basket together.

Picture frame

For photos with the most romantic moments of your relationship, a picture frame will be perfect! Your world is better next to your love, isn’t it?


Giving a gift of jewelry or fine jewelry is making the right choice, even more so with a heart-shaped pendant like this one! Your girlfriend will love it.

Gift kit

A kit with pillow, cup and key chain with the words “Love always wins” for Valentine’s Day is a very romantic gift and that your boyfriend will love!

romantic balloons

Set of romantic balloons to make the mood for Valentine’s Day perfect!

Decorative frames

Expressing your love and even leaving the declaration of love in the bedroom or home of the love of your life is a great gift idea.

necklace for the couple

Beautiful necklace set for valentine couple. A touch of romanticism for lovers in love!

Floratta Blue Kit

Delicious kit with deodorant, moisturizer, perfume and hand cream, to make your girlfriend even more perfumed and soft.

romantic lamp

Romantic lamp to leave your personal touch in your (your) loved one’s room.

Beard Kit

For lovers who are part of the bearded team, a beard kit will be a perfect choice! This kit comes with shampoo, balm, ointment and comb. Your boyfriend’s beard will be fragrant, soft and very well cared for.


One of the most used clothing items, sneakers are a good idea for a Valentine’s Day gift. Choose the model that best matches the style of (a) your (your) boyfriend (a), or you can opt for a unisex model, and match the style.


The wallet is an indispensable accessory in everyday life and that is why it is also a great idea for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Funky Pop

For collectors, a funko pop is a great gift option on this Valentine’s Day, even more so romantic as this one! Or choose the one that best suits your lover’s style.

Kit with 10 Selected Spices for Gin Drinks

How about a kit with spices for drinks with gin to give this Valentine’s Day? A different gift and that you can taste different flavor options together!

London Dry Tanqueray Gin

To enjoy together, a bottle of gin is a tasty idea, and you can add the kit above (spices for gin) and the gift will be even more complete.

Thermal cup

Perfect to take anywhere, hot or cold drink, a thermos cup is a super useful gift and even with a romantic message, it gets even better!


A gift to keep your boyfriend stylish and warm on cold days. Man likes to get clothes yes!


How about giving your girlfriend a dress? Women love getting new clothes and a dress is a great idea. Choose the model that best matches her style and get the gift right.

cinema sign lamp

How about leaving a romantic message every day? The luminaire sign will give you this option. Comes with 2 sets of alphabet letters, numbers, symbols, everything so you can customize your message however you like.


Giving jewelry or fine jewelry is the right choice. Woman loves getting bracelets and a Valentine’s Day special, it’s sure to please!

men’s watch

Men love a watch with style and personality. Choose a model that matches your boyfriend and get the gift right.


For most women, winning a scholarship never hurts. Having a different model is a delight and you will please your girlfriend for sure!

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