32 Gift Ideas for Someone I Don’t Know

Gifting an unknown person or of which we have little information is a real challenge. But, it is possible to please with the right gift ideas.

What is the best gift for someone I don’t know? To be right in choosing a gift for an unknown person, the correct thing is to bet on more practical items, which have no gender or a well-defined style, that is, the type of thing that is useful or pleasant for any type of person.

If you can’t think of something that can please people of the most diverse tastes, some tips will help you in this mission. The following is a list of several cool ideas for sure pampering for this unknown person.

Instax camera

2. Instax camera

This is one of those gifts that combine sophistication and creativity and that are capable of enchanting anyone. An Instax camera allows the development of photos taken momentarily, creating beautiful memories.

Hygiene kit

3. Hygiene kit

Another super creative idea that will please any type of person is this hygiene kit. Regardless of the taste, style or routine that the person takes, the items present in it will always be useful.


4. Necessaire

Bags in the necessaire model are super useful in everyday life, they allow you to take the most diverse items in an organized and functional way. It is a pampering option for all tastes. It is worth betting on them.

Popcorn Maker

5. Popcorn Maker

Popcorn is a very popular food, whether to accompany a good movie, series or that football. Being able to prepare it in a more practical and healthy way is something that really satisfies. This is a sophisticated, useful and very nice gift tip. Sure bet!

Popcorn holder cushion

6. Popcorn holder cushion

Popcorn is unanimous, isn’t it? And a treat like this is a great choice to please people of the most diverse styles, after all, everyone likes to have comfort when enjoying a good popcorn in front of the TV.

Cocktail Shaker

7. Cocktail shaker

A super economical item that can please the most diverse tastes. It is very useful in times of celebration with friends or family. Remembering that both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can be prepared.


8. Alexa

If you want to invest in something more sophisticated and that anyone would love to receive, Alexa is a really incredible idea. It allows you to make calls, listen to music, search for information, use smart home functions and more, all using just your voice.


9. Headphones

Whether for work, listening to music, watching something, playing games, etc., high quality headphones provide a much better experience. This is the type of item that everyone usually uses and, therefore, a good solution for gifting a stranger.


10. Sign

This is a decorative item that has the advantage of being customizable, that is, the person can define which sentence he will leave written. Items with this adaptability are great ideas for gifting someone you don’t know about personal tastes.

Light fixture

11. Fixture

The lamps, in addition to being decorative, are items that are quite useful at home. A creative model like this can please any type of person and goes well with any decor.

Portable charger

12. Portable charger

Another item that everyone really needs is the portable charger. It allows you to take an extra charge of battery anywhere, it is excellent for those who have more racing routines and should please anyone.

Flexible tripod

13. Flexible tripod

Nowadays everyone uses a lot of cell phones and a tripod to be able to record videos or take photos in a safer and better quality, it makes all the difference in everyday life. It is a basic, economical and pleasant item.

Selfie light

14. Selfie light

Taking good photos is a wish of the vast majority of people and good lighting is essential to achieve these results. In addition to being super cheap, it is an item that is fashionable and should please.

Mini Blender

15. Mini blender

This product promotes great practicality for everyday life. It helps in the production of juices, shakes, smoothies and vitamins in a fast and very versatile way. The cool thing is that you can be taken to work, for example. It is a useful and pleasant gift.

Grill sandwich maker

16. Grill sandwich maker

It is the type of appliance that all people should have at home, as it provides a lot of practicality in the routine, allowing the quick preparation of sandwiches and some grills. It is a sure gift to please a stranger.

Basic T-shirt

17. Basic T-Shirt

When presenting strangers with clothes, the ideal is to bet on the most basic pieces of the wardrobe such as T-shirts. It is very important to choose neutral colors like black, white or gray and avoid prints.


18. Leggings

If you are going to give a gift to a woman you don’t know and want to buy clothes, leggings are a great alternative, as it is a comfortable item, excellent for daily use and also for practicing physical activities.


19. Sweatshirt

Sweatpants are basic wardrobe items that everyone usually has and wears at some point, especially in winter. The cool thing is to always bet on the most neutral colors, especially for not knowing the person’s style.

Casual shoes

20. Casual sneakers

Sneakers with a more casual style are the best suggestion for shoes. They are suitable for any occasion, can be used daily and are very comfortable. It is important to remember to always choose more basic colors like black or navy blue.


21. Clock

Smart watches are a trend, they are useful and still add a special touch to the look. It is a super nice and nice tip to gift to all types of people.


22. Kindle

The Kindle is an electronic device for reading digital books. It provides the right conditions for a more pleasant and safe reading. It can surprise a lot of people who love to read, but it can also be a great incentive for those who don’t have this habit.

Body Massager

23. Body massager

Regardless of age or what the person does, a good massage is always a differential in the routine, promotes relaxation and improves physical and mental conditions. So, a very creative gift tip, in addition to being economical.

Environment aromatizer

24. Environment scent

Staying in environments that offer freshness, warmth and good aromas is an experience that everyone wants in their daily lives. So, this is another excellent gift option. It can be used at home, at work, or anywhere you want.

Air diffuser or humidifier

25. Air diffuser or humidifier

This device helps to make the ambient air more humid, which favors breathing and helps to avoid problems related to dry weather and dust. In addition, it promotes greater well-being and coziness. It is a gift tip full of good taste and sophistication.

Emoticon pillow

26. Emoticon pillow

If you like to invest in cute gifts, this is a really cool alternative. Emoticons are very popular on the internet and represent emotions. A pillow like that, for sure, should please any type of person.

Body pillow

27. Body pillow

This pillow is anyone’s dream! It offers much more comfort for bedtime. It is a very creative product when it comes to gifting and another option capable of pleasing everyone.

Decorative frame

28. Decorative painting

Decoration items can be good bets. The interesting thing here is to invest in something that is popular, a positive message, an image that inspires peace or an art that is a little more neutral, but still beautiful.


29. Backpack

Backpacks are excellent alternatives to give to someone you don’t know much about. That’s because, it is a practical and very useful item in daily life, having several functions. Here it is also cool to choose a more neutral color model.


30. Scholarships

When gifting women, handbags are a classic item and, therefore, a very assertive choice. The tips here are when choosing colors, which should be the most neutral and also in size, prefer models of medium size, neither too big nor too small.

Bath kit

31. Bath kit

Kits that include products for bath time are great options for gift giving, as they are of daily use, having great utility, in addition to being a good way to express care and promote personal well-being.

Drinking games

32. Drinking games

In this case, you just need to make sure the person drinks alcohol. This game is very cool to promote interaction and fun with the crowd. It is a creative gift that will provide good times.

More gift ideas

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