How to prepare the best Halloween party! (tips, recipes, decoration, costumes and more!)

How to prepare the best Halloween party!  (tips, recipes, decoration, costumes and more!)

Thinking of preparing your own Halloween party? So use these tips to make your job easier.

Preparing a party is not easy. In addition to ensuring that all your guests receive the invitation, you need to worry about the food, the drink, the lights, what you are going to use, the decor, the post-celebration cleaning … UFA! If it is a Halloween party then, the work can be redoubled, after all, to stay cool you have to carry all that horrifying characterization, right :-P? But, as we said, “he can” but it won’t, because we are here to help you make sure your party is the topic of the year without you having to suffer a lot (rs) o /!

We have compiled a compilation of posts that have already appeared on and Casa & Cozinha with tips for organizing your own Halloween party; there are recipes, DIY tutorials, decorating tricks … And even a different fantasy idea! Go for us, your party will be a RAY ;-)!

A big party!

How to prepare a Halloween party

Well, to start with, we’re already giving you this way, hand in hand, a complete party! Last year, we set up our own Halloween party in an easy, fast way and without spending a lot of money. And the result, modesty aside, was beautiful o /! To see everything we did, the decorations and the food, run here.

Do-it-yourself tutorials to make your party more charming!

How to decorate a Halloween party

Soooo many years ago, we wrote a post with decoration ideas for Halloween party. 3 years later, we talked about easy and quick ideas to make and that will give that one mood for your party. Maaaas, if time isn’t playing on your side, we’ve also talked about last minute ideas for decorating a Halloween party – all using paper 😉


What to serve at a Halloween party

It’s not because it’s a horrifying day that the food has to be just as scary, right? The easiest way to make everyone happy is to serve beer biscuits along with some of these easy recipes (and scary ones!). Not even the witches will complain :-P!


Still not sure what to wear at the party? We give you a super cool and original fantasy idea. And the best part: very easy to do ;-)! To find out what it is, click here. Also take advantage and come and discover the meaning of pumpkins in this whole game!

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