Arts activities build children’s confidence

I always liked to do arts activities and I started to like it even more with my daughters. The first post here by Tempojunto, in 2014, was precisely an artistic activity. Since then, I’ve done a lot of art with my daughters. At first it was for pleasure. But little by little, with my studies, “doing creativity” as my daughter Gabi says, became a fhow to promote the development of girls. It is the famous to combine the useful with the pleasant.

The role of arts activities in children’s development

I think to say that doing an artistic activity helps in the development of creativity it’s pretty obvious, right? In general, the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about creativity are artistic manifestations of brilliant people. But creativity goes far beyond that and the arts activities also!

Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, a psychologist specializing in child development that we love, says the following in her book Becoming Brilliant:

“Art helps to develop children’s confidence. There is no right or wrong there. Art helps to develop habits of the mind. For example ‘engage and persist’. ‘imagine’, ‘express’ and ‘reflect’. All of these habits foster the creativity and confidence needed to innovate ”

I found the notion that the art builds trust and I can see that in my daughters. Trust is essential to take risks and be able to innovate. It is a skill that everyone needs to develop in order to be successful in the 21st century. And the best part is that we don’t have to enroll our children in a lot of courses for that. Just stimulate the arts activities!

We talk more about creativity and how it develops at Creativity Week (PLACE LINK). A week of free online classes in which we show how creativity develops and give practical tips on what to do to develop your children’s creativity and confidence.

But you don’t need to like arts to stimulate your child

You got here and are thinking “but Patrícia, I don’t like artistic activities”, or else “I don’t have the skills for that”. Well know that you can stimulate your children, even if you don’t like it. Books, visits to museums and even TV shows can help. It was with Disney’s Art Attack that Gabi learned about the method of making art with objects. More specifically with the painting Arte Gigante

One inspiration was enough for Gabi to develop its own way of making art. With objects she found at home, she first made the face of Mônica, the dear little girl created by Maurício de Souza.

And then he did the whole body!

I did nothing. I just said that she could take whatever she wanted at home!

You can encourage your son or daughter to create with nooks or even use our free PDF 10 Arts activities. Just download and print!

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