Do-it-yourself baskets to offer

The growing do-it-yourself trend is a great way to offer unique and lovingly made gifts. Within the innumerable possibilities, there are baskets that, prepared taking into account the tastes of those who are going to receive them, turn out to be creative and personalized gifts. The next time you have to offer a gift, choose a basket and do it yourself!

Offer a basket?

Why offer a basket? Because it is an original idea and easy to execute, being a “do it yourself” gift that becomes an exclusive and personalized gift – whoever receives it will be radiant with the time and dedication they invested in this gift. In addition to being an unexpected gift, a do-it-yourself basket can be created specifically with the tastes of those who will receive it in mind. The result? A useful and beautiful gift that will give you pleasure to make and offer!

Decide the theme

Before deciding on the theme of the basket you are going to offer, think about the tastes of the person to whom this “do it yourself” gift is intended. Are you a movie lover? Do you enjoy a good book? Do you like gourmet delicacies? Do you love to pamper yourself with spa products? Think about what would make that person happy and then try to put together a set of articles that match that idea and that can be attractively arranged in a basket.

Choose the contents of the basket

This is the most fun part of creating a basket to offer: if you are going to offer a basket around the “gourmet” theme, then buy a variety of foods such as jam, olive oil, cookies and tea to put in the basket. If you are going to offer a book, create a basket to put that book together with a box of tea, a can of hot chocolate, some delicious packets of cookies and a cup. If the theme is spa, then the basket can contain beauty products such as a beautiful soap, bath salts, an exfoliating brush and a CD with relaxing music, for example. If the theme is cinema, collect 1 or 2 DVDs, popcorn and gums, among other goodies, and you will have a wonderful basket that any movie lover will love to receive. For a child, fill a basket with stories, a coloring book, colored pencils, a teddy and a giant lollipop! These are just a few suggestions, because the advantage of offering a do-it-yourself basket is that there are no limits to creativity!

Arrange the items in the basket

When offering a basket, presentation is everything, so it is important to arrange the different items in a balanced and aesthetically interesting way. Choose a basket suitable for the items you are going to host and, if it is too deep, put a little tissue paper or raffia on the bottom of the basket so you can “lift” the items and make them look better. Start by placing the tallest items on the back, reserving the smallest items for the front area until you can fit everything in – be creative! Then, you can wrap the cellophane basket and tie a bow or, if you want to preserve the surprise of the gift, place wrapping paper over the cellophane itself. And whoever says basket, says another recipient that fits this “do it yourself” gift. For example, for the cinema theme, you can replace the basket with a bowl for popcorn; for the spa theme, you can replace the basket with a beautiful necessaire; if you are going to offer a set of baby items to a new mom, instead of using a basket you can use a beautiful gift box (which can be reused later) or a baby bath. Use your imagination and surprise your loved ones with a “do it yourself” basket, a perfect gift for any occasion.

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