What is the best gift for Scorpio?

Congratulations are sung to Scorpion sign between the 24th of October and the 22nd of November. Curious, competitive and mysterious, these natives are not the easiest people to meet, however, these tips can help when you have to offer a gift to a Scorpion.

Scorpio loves receiving gifts so much that he often offers gifts to himself! So, first of all, these natives love to receive gifts for no apparent reason, that is, they do not need to wait for a special occasion to present the Scorpio of their life. However, don’t forget the important dates or you will hardly be forgiven!

Mysterious, any gift destined for a Scorpio will have to be very well presented: luxury wrapping paper, satin ribbon and card. And don’t take it wrong if the person doesn’t open the gift in front of you… is that these natives, in addition to enjoying prolonging the thriller as much as possible, they like to be alone with their gifts, to enjoy them until the last moment.

Ruled by the water element, Scorpions naturally enjoy everything that is related to the sea, marine life, the beach, sand, shells… the nautical theme can be a good help in finding a gift for these natives who, and still in this scope, like the colors blue and green.

Intelligent and ambitious, Scorpio is very dedicated to his career. Books of interest to your area of ​​work or objects that can help you in your professional life will be gifts very well received!

Extremely competitive, they like any type of game to test their skills, knowledge and, if possible, win! Therefore, table or computer games that involve strategy and tactics will be a very well thought out gift.

Scorpio natives also have a very dramatic and mysterious facet, focused on mysticism and spiritualism. Lucky stones, objects with crystals, tarot cards, spirit scareers, books on the meaning of dreams or other mystical themes, incense or candles are just a few ideas. Anything that has sublime meanings is something that appeals to these natives.

With regard to precious stones, the black opal is the one attributed to Scorpio in general, but there are still several other options around the “lucky stones”: aventurine, hematite or malachite for those born between October 24th and November 1st; turquoise, amethyst and coral for Scorpions that celebrate their birthday between the 2nd and 10th of November; topaz, beryl or aquamarine for those who came into the world between 11 and 22 November.

The most theatrical part of his personality is drawn to the colors red, black and violet. In terms of personal style, and because they like a look obscure, that does not reveal them completely, the natives of Scorpio appreciate sunglasses, hats, caps, scarves and scarves.

Despite their most hidden and enigmatic characteristics, Scorpions are extremely sensual people. An ultra-romantic setting, complete with lingerie sexy, a luxurious perfume, a box of Belgian chocolates, a dozen red roses and French champagne will be the paradise for these natives. Erotic games and / or accessories complete this package. Basically, Scorpio loves everything that is luxurious and designed exclusively to pamper you.

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